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Friday, July 27, 2012

Ohhh Friday....

Can I get a TGIF?! I am one happy lady that it is Friday! I love the weekends...but then again who doesn't?? There is just something about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that makes everyone nicer....No wonder people name their babies after those days! I mean I have NEVER met someone named Monday.....have you?? Speaking of names...Ashley is a wonder name! She is also the wonderful host of Friday's letters and I am obsessed they ARE!


Dear BodyRock:
You are FREAKING amazing! I am so in love with your everything! The videos, the healthy meal ideas, the before and after pictures, and the motivational speeches. Hot Damn! If any of you fellow bloggers have never tried BodyRock you have to head over there and at least check them out...I promise you will not be disappointed!
Dear Shane:
I love you so darn much! Thank you for kicking my butt into gear on Tuesday and getting me to workout so that I wouldn't feel crappy all day! :) I love that you are so excited about the Olympics it makes me want to just kiss you! Also..your determination is so inspiring and I KNOW that you have so many wonderful things coming your way! You are a wonderful person and thank you for being so great to me. I love you.
Isn't he such a cutie??

Dear Nails: 
I have decided the design I chose for you was my brain throwing up onto my hands. You all are out of control and a yellow, flowery, striped, bumblebee something mess! haha but if that is what my brain looks like when it can't make up a decision I will take it! Much better than a poop color or something! So I have decided to accept you for the next three weeks and rock you like I planned on getting you done exactly like that! :)

Dear Followers:
I love you all! Seriously! Thank you so much for commenting and reading my posts! I love reading all of your comments and replying to you! It honestly makes my day when I open my email and see the comments I have gotten from you! :) So thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dear Next Week:
You are going to be awesome! I am so stoked to get out of Cedar and chill with mine and Shane's awesome family! WOO! Also it's our 2 year anniversary on the 3rd! (Dating NOT married...obviously) haha 

I hope you all have a great weekend! Enjoy the wonderful Olympics!


Monday, July 23, 2012

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

I couldn't even put a picture of a real spider because I got too freaked out searching them....{via}

I have a legitimate fear of spiders. I always have and I'm pretty sure I always will. Except it's not a fear where I kill them immediately or run out of the room. I just freeze...I can't take my eyes off of that creepy crawly eight legged monster. I am terrified if I look away this creature will magically disappear and end up on my body or even worse in my hair where it will immediately lay eggs...even if it isn't pregnant. And so I sit, frozen in fear staring at the stupid spider. Which brings me to this story....

It was a late gloomy Friday night, Shane was helping his brother Travis set up for the yard sale we were having the next day and I was home alone. I was in the kitchen cleaning up a few things and walked over to the garbage to throw away some trash. I literally screamed and jumped back about 4 feet when in the corner of my eye I saw it moving...yes, it was a creepy, long legged, thirsty for my blood, probably pregnant, spider. I could almost hear it drooling at the thought of eating me alive. I immediately called Shane to tell him to hurry over to my house and kill this monster. Of course...he didn't answer. So I tried again, no answer. It looked like I was on my own to fend for myself...just me and this starving ugly spider.

I sat there frozen and decided I couldn't go all night just standing in my kitchen having a stare off with this blood thirsty thing, but there was no way in hell I would be able to just leave it and go to bed. I needed a way to kill this spider without getting any closer than two feet. HAIRSPRAY! (of all things to pop into my head at a moment like this...) So I walked backwards to my bathroom, keeping my eye on the spider, and quickly snagged my wet hairspray as well as my aerosol hairspray. You can never be too prepared when killing a spider. I proceeded back over to my nemesis.

I got in my defensive stance, aerosol hairspray in one hand and my herbal essence wet hairspray in the other, took a deep breath and BAM I went to town on that freaky thing! He wasn't going to give up though...he kept running around and weaving his sticky web. I decided if I was going to come out of this battle alive I needed something stronger. I reached to the cupboard beside me and grabbed out my kitchen cleaners...thank God for 409 and Green Works...I started with the green works and ended with the good old 409.

It was a long and hard battle but in the end I came out alive. Shane called me back right after my conquer of this sneaky home invader. Even after it was dead I couldn't bring myself to grab it...I mean what if the spider world trains them to be really good at playing dead?! I couldn't risk that. Shane got to my house and being the brave soul he is snatched up the spider and threw him away!

Like I is awful. Thank God for boyfriends! If Shane was scared of spiders we would be doomed to surrender our lives.

This is the perfect quote for me! haha!

What are your guys phobias??


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Double the Pleasure...Double the Workout

It would be a major understatement if I said I slacked at going to the gym last week....I am pretty sure I avoided it like the plague. I have no idea why either! I only have a week and a half left to beat Shane in our Fitness Competition and I need to kick it into high gear! So....since I missed the gym all last week I am going to have to go twice a day in order to catch up to Mr. Shane! But don't tell him this cus he he'll end up going like 3 times a day...he really wants to beat me!

Here is what's got to be done in order to kick some major fat this week:
  • I am going to have to get my lazy butt out of bed super early and hit the gym
  • Eat like a rabbit for the next week and a half...salads, salads, oh and did I mention some salads?
  • Stay motivated through out the day to get to the gym after work
  • Drink way more water than I usually do...if I drank as much water as I do coffee I would be set!
  • NO eating out! This will be a rough one... 

Sooo this is my plan for the next week and a half! If you guys have any outs, food, or anything else I am all ears! :)


Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters....Read Up!

It's Friday!! Thank God because this week has been toooooooo long!!! I hope your week went much faster and better than mine! the point of this wonderful post! I am slightly obsessed with this link up hosted by Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds. If you haven't checked out her blog you definitely should! It is wonderful! Well...That's about it for an intro, here are my letters!


Dear Time: I need more of you! Why do you have to go by so fast and what is the secret to getting you to go slower? I would really like to be closer friends and not just passer buyers if you know what I mean...

Dear Gym: Did we break up or something?? Why are you avoiding me?? I can see how it would seem like I'm the one avoiding you buuuut I can assure you that isn't the case. However, I will be the bigger person (literally) and make the first move to get reacquainted. I will thank you later! ;)

I need to apply this to my life {via}
Dear Training in St. George: I hope you weren't a waste of my time and you pay off this week in getting me amazing sales. I loved your warm weather and the awesome trainer you provided, but I thought it was really dumb I wasn't allowed to just sleep in St. George instead of driving to you for 2 hours each day with someone I didn't even know. Awkward.

Yesterday I felt like the other guy. {via}

Dear Shane: How are you so wonderful all of the time?! I am so crazy in love with you it's not even funny! Thank you so much for cheering me up yesterday and bringing me flowers to work. I am sorry for crying in front of everyone but I was already emotional from stupid customers and it was nice to have tears of joy. I am so lucky to have you in my life Mr. Thank you for all that you do for me.

Dear Emotions: Please calm down and stop being so out of control. I know you are overwhelmed right now and feeling a little spread to thin but yesterday was ridiculous...lets not cry in front of the whole world anymore.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

In a Perfect World

In a perfect world I would have time for everything I need/want to do...but in the real world...I hardly have time for anything besides work and it is driving me crazy! Now...this is mostly all my fault because I have come to realize that I basically suck at managing my time. I need to find a better way to lay out my day so that I can get the top priority things done!

Here is my typical day:

7:30 - 8:40am: Get ready for work
9:00 - 6:00pm: Be the best Wells Fargo Teller there ever was
6:30 - 7:30pm: Work out or do homework
7:30 - 9:00pm: Dinner
9:00 - 10ishpm: Hang out with Shane
10:30pm: Go to bed!

So...Like I said not a lot of free time...I need some major help on how to manage my time better! I have been wanting to get up earlier and go to the gym then but I have the HARDEST time being motivated in the morning...its so much easier for me to just say I'll go after work and hit the good old snooze button. I need to go through all of my stuff to sale at a yard sale this weekend...when do I have time to do that?? I would like to have a dedicated time to blogging...where would I fit that in??

I feel like there is not enough time in my day to get anything that I want to get done. If any of you have suggestions I am all ears! I need some help....


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's in Your...Bucket List!!!

Ok so for some reason this didn't go up last night...or early this morning...I am an epic failure! Buuuut if my blogging skills are anything close to my vlogging skills...I am doomed! I apologize in advance for the dumbness of this vlog haha I was super nervous so don't judge me! Also my face looks retarded right here....I promise I'm not pissed off! Enjoy!

Thanks for watching and don't forget to grab our button and link on up with us!!!

The Way I Am
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

There is Nothing Quite Like Family

I just had the busiest, craziest, funnest, most wonderful week EVER. I haven't had two seconds to post anything on my little blog because it has been so crazy around here! I am so sad to see it come to an end. Shane's wonderful sister and her amazing little kiddos came down from Wyoming to visit which was awesome. On top of that my little sister, Kjandyce, got to stay with me for a whole week which was seriously the best thing I could have ever asked for!

My little sister and I are 9 years apart. I grew up babysitting her, changing her diapers, putting her to bed, teaching her fun little kid games, reading her stories...Kjandyce was a special addition to our family because she is my mom and my step dads child which makes her my half sister. The way I have always looked at it is that she quickly became the glue to our family, blending us together and bringing us all even closer than we had ever been...I never had a little sibling before and she quickly became my best friend. She is now 13 (going on 18) and I am losing my mind with how grown up she is! Seriously...I think I am having a harder time with it than my own mom! I am in serious denial...if it were up to me I would make her leave the house in Care Bears pajamas, with no make up, and fluffy slippers...and maybe I'd throw in a sippy cup? Like I said, serious denial.

Look how cute she was as a itty baby! I think I see her as this all the time??

Kjandyce picked the absolute best time to visit me in this small little town of Cedar City. I had three days off in a row AND the July Jamboree was this weekend! The July Jamboree is a little car show and city fair type of thing! There are awesome vendors with super cute jewelry and accessories and then there are even more awesome classic cars there to be shown to everyone! What's that?? Did we put our ONE OF A KIND VW BUS in it?? uhhhhhh......YES!!! And she was a killer! Everyone loved her being there!
Look at her! So dang sexy at her first car show!

Anyways, Kjand loves the bus so it was super fun for her to get to ride in it and see it in the car show. We also had a super fun slumber party night at my house with all of Shane's nieces and Kjand! We did facials, ate candy, watched movies, and ate some more candy! It was so fun to have all of the girls over and know how good of an aunt I will be one day! :)
They had lots of fun!
Facials, Candy, and Horton Hears a Who!

If you aren't familiar with Cedar City, UT it is super close to St. George which is always 10 degrees hotter than Cedar, and if you aren't familiar with me then you should know that I looooove the heat and St. George! Therefore, Kjandyce, Shane, and I all went to St. George to do a little bit of shopping and eat at the delicious OG (Olive Garden). Kjandyce loves hanging out with Shane because he is super crazy, loud, and utterly hilarious. (Only a few of the reasons why I love him so much) He wouldn't answer any of Kjandyce's questions or talk to her unless she talked to him in an was hilarious!
Her and Shane get along so well! I love it!

I love that little girl so dang much. I can't even describe it! I don't want her to grow up and have boyfriends and do big kid things. It's so hard to accept that she is getting older! But it really did make it easier having her here with me for a week instead of just seeing her at home for a day. So thank you Mom and Dad for letting Kjand miss dance so she could hand out with good old me for a while! I love you both so very much and you guys are seriously the best parents any kid could ask for. And Kjandyce...aka Oober...You are too wonderful. I love you more than most things in life. Thank you for being so awesome while you stayed with me and listening to all that I had to say. You are seriously so beautiful...inside and out. You deserve the absolute best in life and don't you EVER settle for anything less! Also I have a confession for you...although I acted all tough saying goodbye to you today...the minute I got in my car I cried like a little baby. Don't judge me. I love you.

Isn't she just adorable?! I love her.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Peanut...Peanut Butter!

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a great and wonderful weekend! I most definitely am! My parents left their cute little dog with me while they are in Lake Powell...I am trying very hard not to be jealous...and she is just wonderful! Another awesome thing about this weekend is that Shane's awesome sister and her sweet little kids are in town for a OVER a week! :) I am super excited! I don't have any nieces or nephews so I count Shane's as my own and I love love love them all!

Anyways! To the point of my post...if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you probably saw the Healthy Peanut Butter Balls that I made! They were delicious and are amazing because they don't have any high fructose corn syrup and are made with all healthy ingredients! So here is the recipe for these amazing wonderful tasty treats!

Healthy Peanut Butter Balls

3 Cups Slow Cooked Oats
1 Cup All Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter
1 Cup Honey
1 Cup Craisins (or raisins)
3/4 Cup Coconut (optional)

In a bowl mix together all of the ingredients. After you mix them put in the refrigerator to cool. Roll into balls (which ever size you'd like). Use the rest of the coconut to roll the balls in as a coating. When finished put into the fridge for like five minutes to set and leave them there set. Enjoy!!!

I hope you guys like them! Let me know what you think! Do you have any awesome healthy recipes?


Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad it's Friday it feels like it has been the LONGEST week ever! I love Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds and her wonderful link up!

Dear Boyfriend
You are so wonderful! I love how cute you are with your little nieces and nephews! Thank you for always being so understanding when I am stressed and frustrated with life. You are always so sweet to me, which leads me to saying I am sorry I wasn't the nicest to you earlier this week. You do so much for me and sometimes I think I take that for granted! I'm sorry and I love you!

Dear Star Star
Can I just say that I am in love with you! I am so so so glad that Shane and I get to doggy sit you! We are the best temporary parents ever huh! And YOU my sweet little pup are the cutest temporary pet ever! Keep being the awesome pup you are!! 

Dear Rain Clouds 
Please send us some of that awesome rain you are keeping for yourself! We really really need it and there are too many fires for comfort! Plus I am loving the way you guys smell! 

Dear Gym 
Good to see you lets kick some ass so I can beat Shane and go shopping!

Dear Life
Will you ever slow down? I feel a little in over my head most of the time. I am hoping I will eventually figure it out and learn how to slow you down a little! Until then..thank God for coffee!

Well there they are! My Friday's Letters! How was your week?!  


Monday, July 2, 2012

Motivate Me Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I just got done reading Amanda's Motivate Me Monday post and I decided to link up! I am not as cool as her and I do not have a vlog all set up for you guys...buuut if you read about my fitness challenge I have going on with my man then you can understand why I need a little extra motivation to work out!

 I have found this AWESOME website called BodyRock and it seriously kicks my ass. I am loving it! The girl who runs it is ripped too! Plus they have a bunch of before and after photos that are rockin! So when ever I am feeling like I don't want to go to the gym I check out their website and watch one of their work out videos and BAM! I am off my butt and hitting the gym! | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness |
This is one of the girls off of the videos on BodyRock...riiipped! {via}

Haha I'm putting this on my bedroom wall!
I love this because I hate my life while I'm running but I love love love it when I am done! It is the biggest love hate relationship I have ever had! Also I just love all of the Nike sayings! Their gym clothes are my absolute favorites! 

Well! There is my Motivate Me Monday! What do you guys do to help motivate yourselves when you are not feeling super motivated for the gym??


Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Think They Call It Puppy Love?

I am in love...with all puppies! Seriously! Why are puppies so darn cute?? Their tiny faces, paws, noses, spotted tongues, little pot bellies, I could go on and on and on. However, one day they grow up and either stay itty bitty or become giants. I am an itty bitty dog lover and a giant dog lover from a separate home. One day I want a cute little hellion running around and cuddling me but the question is what kind?? SUCH a hard decision!

Here are a few that I am currently in love with! In NO specific order:

French Bull Dog
French Bull Dog Puppy
Aren't they the cutest things ever! I love their faces and their perky ears! I saw the cuuuutest brown one the other day and I was immediately in love! They are so adorable! They stay pretty small too which I love! I want one!

I love these little guys! When I worked at Starbucks there was a customer that had a boy and a girl and she would dye their hair different colors and do them in different styles! I freakin loved it! I love how little they are..except I have heard they are slightly yappy...not good.

Shane is in love with these dogs! They are great running dogs and extremely active, which is good for Shane because he would have a running buddy since I am a terribly slow runner. Plus how cute is this picture of the dog in glasses?! It's like Shanes twin! Haha love them! 

Shih tzu
 This is my families dog! Princess Starlet Marie. She is the cutest dang puppy I have ever seen! I don't know how my mom did it but she trained her to be the most well behaved dog! She only barks when someone is at the door and that is IT! She is so good and makes me want a million Shih Tzu's!! :) She has a pink feather in her hair and a purple hair extension...she is slightly spoiled. 

Miniature Pig
Ok...I am aware that these adorable things are not puppies buuut I would seriously consider buying one! They are so smart and clean! They are just like dogs and they stay small forever! You can teach them how to do tricks and everything! I love them just like I love all the puppies above! Maybe I will get a big house and have one of all of these!
What are your guys favorite pets?? Is it weird that I want a mini pig?