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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So our wedding is in about 6 months!! Holy cow. I am starting to get stressed out! Shane and I are trying to put a list together of who to invite and I feel like it is really hard! Especially for someone like me who is a total people pleaser....I want to make sure everyone is happy and no one feels left out or is mad at us. The only thing is...if we invite every single person we can even think of then our budget for our wedding is exceeded which puts us in a hard spot.

We were lucky enough to get the most incredible venue for our wedding which has seriously made planning things a lot easier! I'm assuming next is booking our caterer...which is why we were writing down our guest list.

Which brings me to all you fellow married bloggers! Help me out! I have some serious questions that need some serious answers!

How did you cut down your guest list?

How did you avoid making those people that weren't invited not feel bad?

Were you scared people would be mad at you?

Did it help a lot with your budget?

There are a few of my questions. If you have any other wedding planning advice please feel free to fill me in!

Here is a sneak peek at our venue!!