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Monday, May 28, 2012

My Life in Boxes

Some people love packing, some people love unpacking, and then there's the me who doesn't love either. I love moving, I just hate the packing part. Especially because when I have lived in a place for a year I am some how able to make it look like I have lived there for five years. Then there is the roommate side of things...going through each item trying to remember if it is mine or hers. I have a problem with being assertive or demanding in any shape or form so I usually just give in and say, "Oh ok, if you remember it being yours then it probably is." Which actually helps me in short term because it's less for me to pack!

However, it does nothing for me long term because I have to go out and spend money I don't have on an item I did have! It's a vicious cycle this lack of assertiveness I have. I am trying to get better at it I just seem to have a timid personality I guess?? Who knows. Anyways, that is my little rant on packing. There is one HUGE positive to all of this packing/unpacking madness! It's literally like Christmas when I find last years Christmas presents that I lost and thought were gone forever! Spending my whole three day weekend is going to be so worth it when I am all unpacked in my new place and living in pure cleanliness! With out a nasty horse dog. If you are confused about my last statement you should check out my friday's letters. I finally have everything moved out of there and into my new place! Now let the unpacking begin!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Could I Be Any More Awkward?!

As you all know I have a wonderful and amazing boyfriend! He is a cutie. I have come to the conclusion that I am extremely awkward when I get hit on. I have been pondering why I make this type of situation so incredibly awkward since I ran into this sort of incident a few days ago.

First I am going to list the symptoms that I experience when that guy walks up with that look in his eyes and I realize "Oh dear God I am going to get hit on." It starts with my heart up into my throat, pounding. I am constantly thinking in my head, "How do I sneak in a comment about my BOYFRIEND." Then after I think the previous statement I proceed to think, "Oh no, this is going to be SOOO awkward...this IS sooo awkward!" Which ends up with me awkwardly fidgeting with my clothes, making weird laughing sounds I never new were even possible coming from my mouth, and finally when they ask for my number or what I am doing later I am able to slide in the B-Word. (boyfriend). 

I honestly need lessons on how to dodge the awkward bullet before it hits me! (get it?! Hits me? and I am being hit on?!) The incident that happened was on Thursday. I was in this little coffee shop minding my own business...tweeting up a storm with my fellow tweeters...when this Haitian guy walks up to me and asks me something. He had a pretty thick accent so I couldn't really understand him. He was pointing to the chair across from me and I thought he was asking if he could take it. So me being a COMPLETE idiot says, "Ya you can take that! I'm not using it!" So what does he do?! He sits down! At my table! Across from me! And I think to myself, "Oh dear God, I am going to get hit on."

He proceeds to tell me that he has a goal to talk to a beautiful person everyday and he picked me today. (Aren't I just the luckiest girl ever.) So I proceed on to the fidgeting and awkward noises from my mouth. A LOT of looking at my phone, as if someone will magically call me and say they need me right away! (I'm not that lucky) and finally I told him I was on a lunch break from work and I had to get back. I was so nervous I didn't even tell him I have a boyfriend! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! On the bright side he didn't ask for my number :) Thank God.

Anyways, that is my incredible awkwardness when it comes to guys. It's terrible. If any of you have advice for me I would LOVE to hear it because clearly I need some help. Haha thanks for reading!
I think he loves me because he is awkward too? haha

Awkwardly mini golfing

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Letters!

Where in the world has this week gone?! This has got to be the craziest week I have had in a LONG time! Anyways, here are my letters!

Dear New Job: Don't get me wrong...I LOVE you! Buuuut I don't love sitting in front of a computer reading for 6 hours about policies and procedures. I know, I know, its good to learn all the odds and ends of this job...but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it! :) Oh..and I'm just gonna throw this out there...this whole hour lunch thing is seriously sweet!
I couldn't take a cute picture of my face at work today even if someone would've offered me a I settled for my cute shoes instead.
Dear Work Clothes: I am even more in love with you! I love getting all sexy for work everyday and I think Shane would thank you too if he was writing this letter. Also, thanks for giving me such a great excuse to go shopping ;)

Dear Old Apartment: I will miss your nice appliances...but that is probably about it. I won't miss the nasty mastiff that likes to pee and poop on your carpet, drool on your walls, and period on your floor...(this is not and exaggeration)
I promise I'm a nice person and I really do LOVE dogs...but this is NOT a dog...this is a damn horse!

Dear New Apartment: Hola! :) I cannot WAIT to decorate you!!! I'm sorry if it ends up being ugly...there is a first time for everything and this will be my first time decorating with out my lovely mom's help! is an apology in advance

Dear Pinterest: Thank you for being my savior when it comes to anything and everything fashionable...even if I fail you helped me at least attempt it, so I thank you.

Dear Summer: Where are you?! I have a three day weekend and you decided to go on a vacation too?! What the heck man?! 
Sunsets remind me of summer...and it was a good excuse to put up this AWESOME picture I took last night!
Dear Blogging World: I was SO lame this week and slacked BIG time on my posts! It has been an insane week! I ended my old job, started my new one, I'm packing up all my shizzz, and now I FINALLY have a break! :) Thank you to all my new/current followers and to everyone who comments on my posts! It seriously makes my day!
This is how I look after you guys make my day! Sexy eh? :)

 Dear Charlie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are so wonderful and I miss you like crazy! I know you are kicking ass at basic training and I hope you got to sort of celebrate your birthday! I have a card, letter, and a little gift headed your way! I can not wait until you come home and I get to see your sweet face and steal you for coffee dates! Talking to you on Sunday seriously made my whole week so thank you for calling me :) Love you Charles! Stay strong!
Charlie is Shane's little brother...and my ex lover...ok...just Shane's little brother :) Isn't he a sweet heart though?!
 Thank you guys for reading my letters! I hope you all have an amazing weekend! You should all link up to this if you already haven't! It's super fun!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

MisBehavin' does Vegas! Vdub Love!

If you follow me on twitter or instagram then you know what I did this weekend! My wonderful man and I went to Vegas to attend the Misbehavin does Vegas Volkswagen Race and Car Show!!

It was so awesome to see all the busses and beetles there! I absolutely love them! We took SO many pictures it's ridiculous! Do any of you feel like a professional photographer with the photo apps on your phones? I'm sure that real photographers look at my photos I take and laugh at the immaturity but I still love it! The best part about this car show was seeing how everyone interprets their own style into their VW's.
This was one of my favorites! I love the orange and cream! The roof rack makes it that much better!
This was a single cab teal and black VW. I love the black VW logo on the front. The sun made it kind of hard to get really good photos!
My little sister LOVES VW Bugs and this one reminded me so much of her!
Here is the front of it! I love the two colors! :) Kjand loves blue so I thought this was perfect for her!
This is a lady named Adriane's bus. I love how she customized it for her! And that sexy man would be Shane :)
I thought the license plate was fitting :)
Shane and I are definitely getting a beetle when our bus is done! I love the oval windows! They are older but sooooo much better looking! :) It was SO hot in Vegas! I was sweating like a whore in church! (I've always wanted to use that phrase) I love the heat though so it wasn't that bad. They had GIANT snow cones, which made it better. Hopefully by this time next year we will be able to take our bus down and show it off a little! :)
They were HUGE and delicious!
I found a cool VW fedora :)
I didn't think it was very practical to put up ALL of the pictures I took...I'm not sure too many people love VW's like we do. Aside from the car show there was the VW drag race, it was cool...not as cool as the car show OR the NHRA races but it was still fun! Pretty sure Shane enjoyed this part more than me. He loves ANY type of racing and I love they go hand in hand I guess. :)

What's your guys favorite VW??

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Letters!

Dear Old Job: I will sincerely miss you...but not enough to stay forever! :)

Dear New Job: Hurry and run my finger prints already so you know I'm not a sketch ball and I can put all these new sexy business clothes to use!

Dear Boyfriend: You are wonderful in every way and I love you more than anything. Thank you for putting up with my craziness and always having my back.

Dear Nail Salon: I paid $25 for a manicure that made my fingers bleed and a paint job my boyfriends 7 year old niece could've done. Needless to say...I don't think I'll be back to get nail raped again.

Dear Starbucks: Keep doin what your make me so happy and I applaud you for that.

Dear FaceTime: You made my week letting me see my bestest Miki! :) I have a new found love for you and your brilliance! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dear Gym: I haven't seen you in awhile...this doesn't mean I hate you, just that I am a HUGE slacker and I will make it up to you next week...I promise.

Dear Weekend: You haven't arrived yet but you look promising! 

Dear Blogging World: I LOVE YOU! I have finally found something I enjoy and I am so grateful for that! Thanks to all the bloggers that follow me and comment on my random posts!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Summer Lovin??

So May is almost over...which means June is right around the corner! Summer is so dang close!!! YAY! With summer being so close Shane and I made a Summer Wish List! We tried to keep it realistic haha but sometimes that's hard for us! Anyway, here it is in no specific order:
  1. California Beach Trip: We love California and Shane has some family down there so it's way fun to go! I am also mildly obsessed with the beach! It is my favorite thing ever and there are SO many awesome VW Busses! 
  2. At least 2 Camping trips (One with hiking): We ALWAYS talk about going camping but never get around to doing it! The sad thing is we live in Cedar City UT where there are camping sites and hiking trails EVERYWHERE! We have decided to stop talking about it and start doing it and I am stoked!
  3. Lake Powell trip with the Backmann's: My family tries to make it down to Lake Powell every year. Last year we all had a busy summer and missed out :( so hopefully this summer we will be able to make it down there! I am in love with Lake Powell, it is the most beautiful place on earth! If you have never been you NEED to go!
  4. Go to at least one VW car show: We might be marking this off of our bucket list after this weekend! There is the Misbehavin In the Desert VW race and car show in Vegas! I think Shane and I are going! We are super excited!!
  5. Visit my grandparents in Orangeville: My wonderful Grandparents live in this little bitty town called Orangville. They have lived there for almost 3 years and I have still never been to their home...I promise I'm not a horrible grandchild. The one time I was on my way up to visit them I got a phone call telling me Shane had been in an accident and was being rushed to the ER. I had to turn around and drive as fast as I could back to Cedar City. I haven't made it back to see them since. I'm a little superstitious and won't go unless Shane is with me now.
  6. Have the Bus in the paint shop by August: This is a BIG one on the bucket list! We want to use the bus to drive away in when we get married so getting it painted is one step closer for me! :) haha and after its painted we can start fixing it up the way we want!
  7. Go boating with my family: This one is a given. My family is completely obsessed with boating! My parents just moved into a house that literally looks right onto Utah Lake. My dad will be out there every day this summer! If you love boating too just hit me up and come right along! We love fellow boaters!
  8. Put the Bus in the July Jamboree: Every year in Cedar City there is a little car show type thing called the July Jamboree. It is so fun because there are lots of old cars and fun little kiosks that sell fun random things. We are gonna try and get the bus in this little show if it isn't being painted! :)
  9. Run a 5k: This is a hard goal for me. I am not much of a runner. I have a bum hip when it comes to running which is extremely frustrating because I would really like to be good at it. So I am going to slowly strengthen my core and hopefully work my hip out enough that the pain will eventually go away so I can achieve this goal of running a 5k!
  10. Get tan and have a bitchin summer: This is pretty self explanatory.
Beach Beach Beach!

My ADORABLE Grandparents!

Doesn't seem like too much right? :) What are all of your guys plans for the summer?? I would love to hear them to get even more fun ideas!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mrs. Kathleen Beckmann AKA: Best Mama EVER!

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers out there! But mostly happy mothers day to my wonderfully amazing Mom! She is the most amazing woman I have ever known! I am going to take this opportunity to share a little bit about this incredible woman.

My mom is probably the most fashionable lady I have ever met. She loves decorating, scrap booking, crafting, and basically anything fancy! She has three wonderful children: Braxton (23), Me (22), and Kjandyce (13). She got divorced from my real dad when Braxton and I were wee little babies and rocked the single mom role she took on. She made sure we had everything we needed no matter what. Then she met her wonderful husband and my amazing step dad Paul. They got married and had my little sister Kjandyce. They have lived happily ever after since! :) My mom is the strongest person I know. She loves helping people out and is there for her kids no matter what! I love her crazy funny attitude and beautiful personality. She can make friends anywhere...seriously! I love having someone to turn to for any sort of advice. Whether it be for fashion, love life, friends, family, literally anything! This amazing woman is not only my mom but hands down my best friend.
The Girls :)

My Mama and My (step) Dad

Thank you Mama for everything you have done for our wonderful family! We all love you so very much! I hope you have an amazing Mothers Day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Early Mothers Day Extravaganza!

What are you guys doing for Mothers Day? I celebrated Mothers Day with my Mama a little early this year! My mom works for a magazine called Media One, Now IN Salt Lake. They were sponsoring an event at South Towne Mall. A Mothers Day Tea Party! So my little sister, my grandma, my mom and I all went! It was mostly cute little girls but it was so dang fun! We got to meet the people my mom works with and have TONS of sugary treats! (How can you not be jealous!?) I love spending time with my mom and little sister! The coolest part about this little tea party event was the fact that I won one of the raffle drawings!!! I NEVER win anything! It was a whopping $25 to Downeast Outfitters!! :) Lucky...I know! We just so happen to have one of these in the small town of Cedar City! ;) Talk about fate! Anyways, we stuffed our faces and got some awesome treat bags and I got to spend some quality time with my wonderful Grandma! :) She is seriously the cutest lady I know! Here are some Pics of us at the Tea Party! :)
My Wonderful Grandma and Me!

Aren't we a bunch of babes??

My Beautiful Grandma and My Beautiful Mom

I WON!!!

Kjandyce (My little Sister) and Me

Versatile Blogger Award!!!

I am feeling so darn special right now! I received a versatile blogger award from Stephanie at Pretty and Delectable, I am so grateful to have received this and I am really excited to pass it on to other wonderful fellow bloggers! I will try and do 15 blogs buuut since my blog is still in the baby stage I don't really know 15 other bloggers! it goes! These are the blogs that have inspired me to really get into blogging! I only have 7 that I am really even following..I'm slowly but surely finding more so bare with me on my lack of variety! :)
Here are the 7 facts about me:
  1.  I am completely and 100% ADDICTED to coffee...especially Starbucks! No, I don't think it is a problem ;)
  2. I have developed a new pet peeve since my 13 year old sister has started growing up people will tell us that they thought she was the older one because she looks more mature and I look...well...younger. Hate hate hate it! I am 9 years older than her...I don't want to look 13!
  3. I am obsessed with Volkswagens! Busses, Beetles, GTI's, Things....basically ALL of them!
  4. I am completely and utterly in love with the most amazing man in the world...Shane Wood! You can read our little love story here
  5. I totaled my car in the snow when I was 17 and I have been completely terrified to drive in the snow ever's becoming a real problem...
  6. Don't laugh...If i could be anything I would want to be a model. I watch America's Next Top Model and if I wasn't 5'3 I know I could give a fighting chance!
  7. I am in love with small dogs! Shihtzuhs, Yorkies, Maltese, and all other non shedding small pups! My fam bam has a Shihtzuh and her name is Princess Starlet Marie...Cutest. Dog. EVER.
My Little Sister and Me....Do you think she looks older?? Actually...don't tell me if you do

I think your obsessed when you paint your nails like VW busses...(thanks Shane!)

My obsession with Starbucks...Shane making fun of me for talking a picture of myself...

This is our little Star Star...Isn't she a cutie!!

Versatile Blogger Award Rules
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Include a link to their blog.
  3. Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly and nominate those 15 for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  4. Share 7 things about yourself in your post.
  5. Don’t forget to include this set of rules in your post!
  6. Inform each nominee with a comment on their blog or twitter.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Movin' On Up!

This right here is why positive thinking is the ONLY way to go! I have been kinda lost with my career future recently. After finally being done with my bachelors degree in psychology I decided I don’t want to go into psychology. I think I might want to go into something more business and communications based. I was a little overwhelmed with this idea at first because this means more schooling for something completely different and that my current job at a residential treatment center was not the future I wanted. I took deep breaths and applied to some bank jobs, receptionist jobs, and some other customer service/ business positions. I kept thinking if it is meant to be I will get an interview! Well…it was definitely meant to be! I walked into an interview at Wells Fargo on Tuesday and was hired that day! I am so extremely excited! The positives of this job are endless for me! I have tons of experience in customer service and sales, the employees at this place are so dang sweet, and the benefits are amazing! I get Sundays off…which is unheard of for a non-LDS person in Utah. Paid holidays! Paid time off! And do you wanna hear the best part?! I get to DRESS UP everyday! WOOHOO! I have a hot date with TJ Maxx this weekend…I’m pretty stoked! It seemed as though I had gotten this picture perfect idea in my head of how my life would play out and I thought I had it all figured out, however, I have learned that life doesn’t always go as planned and if I just enjoy the journey as I go along things will always work out in a positive way. I am a huge believer in fate and I am so excited to see what this awesome job has to add to my future! Wish me luck!
I guess this is a good response from your boss when putting in your 2 weeks...

Red and Black! Sexy Sexy!

I love the mint and brown suit! So CUTE!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Roller Coaster Weekend!

How was your weekend? Mine was FULL of ups and downs! 
Lets start with Saturday:
  • Up: I didn't have to work!
  • Up: I went to the gym
  • Down: Shane emptied the bathroom trash that my ring fell in...
  • Up: Shane went dumpster diving to find the ring :)
  • Down: Found out my Grandpa on my dads side had a stroke and is in the hospital until further notice...
  • Down: I am three and a half hours away from my family and him, which makes dealing with these kind of situations particularly difficult.
  • Up: I got to talk to my dad and he sounded pretty ok about this whole situation which made me feel ok too.
  • Down: Once I get sad and cry about something...I will cry at the drop of a hat at anything...which made for an emotional Saturday
  • Up: Shane helped me get my mind off of sadness by taking me to get Mexican food on Cinco De Mayo..which he inhaled...funniest. thing. ever.
  • Up: Shane then preceded to get a bad case of the hiccups
  • Up: Remember my post about our awesome VW Bus? And the killer adds? Well Shane and I went to an antique store and found TONS of LIFE magazines from the 60's and we found VW ads in them!!!! JACKPOT! That was mostly the highlight of my Saturday
  • Up: Shane then took me to see Hunger Games....he liked it (surprisingly) but I definitely liked the book better!
This is the note I found on my bed with my ring and my necklace that fell in the trash!
Chips and salsa with a yummy Arnold Palmer :) Shane ate the dinner so fast I wasn't able to even think about getting a picture!
The cute little antique shop we stopped at! The perks of small towns!
Shane smiling with our newly...or oldly.. purchased LIFE magazines!
  • Down: I worked a double...9am to 10pm.
  • Up: Since I worked a double I get to go home on Thursday and see my familia!
  • Up: After work I went to Denny's with my friend/ co-worker Brea and stuffed my face with a chocolate peanut butter shake before starting my new and improved diet today! 

These are Denny's amazing shakes! Don't judge me!
That was my weekend...not super eventful...mostly Saturday was the definition of bipolar disorder. I am thankful to have a wonderful boyfriend that cares about me :) and I heard my Grandpa is doing good they are keeping him in the hospital until they can run more neurological tests. Positive thoughts and prayers are definitely in order for him. He is an incredible man with the sweetest soul I have ever seen. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Need a Little Fitness Motivation? I Know I Do!

I have become mildly addicted to this reality show called "Workout" it is so dramatic and juicy! I just love it! It's about a lady who opens her own gym and it shows all the drama and what not with the trainers but it also shows how awesome they are at training their clients! I am so so so addicted. I love the owner of the gym Jackie Warner, she cares so much about her clients at her gym it makes me want to join it! Plus its like the Beverly Hills gym so that kind of helps too :) She has such great workout ideas along with an INSANELY positive attitude! SO...when I saw her book "10 pounds in 10 days".....I was suckered into it. So I have been patiently waiting for it to come in the mail.....ok not so patiently, I LOVE getting mail! It's like Christmas! Anyways I just got it and I am starting it on Monday! I need some motivation to stay dedicated to this fitness plan. Hence why I am publicly saying that I am committing to this workout program! She literally makes it so simple with eating plans and workouts for everyday! Then when I am done with the first 10 days I start on another 10 day program until I've hit 30 days! So hopefully by the end of May I will be super fit and healthy! I took before pictures and I am planning on taking pictures every 10 days to track my progress. I'm not trying to loose weight as much as I am just trying to get fit. If I shed a few pounds along the way GREAT! But mostly I just want to feel good about myself. I struggle with this sometimes...ok, most I'm going to be positive about myself and do something about it! Needless to say I got suckered into a fitness book...I feel slightly ashamed but kinda excited to try something new! It's all about eating healthy whole foods and doing the right workouts six days a week! Wish me luck!!! Do you guys have any awesome work outs you do at the gym??
This is Jackie and all of her effing FIT trainers!!!
This is the book I was suckered into :) haha it looks promising with her on the front right??