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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's in Your...Bucket List!!!

Ok so for some reason this didn't go up last night...or early this morning...I am an epic failure! Buuuut if my blogging skills are anything close to my vlogging skills...I am doomed! I apologize in advance for the dumbness of this vlog haha I was super nervous so don't judge me! Also my face looks retarded right here....I promise I'm not pissed off! Enjoy!

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  1. Lol you didn't link up your page. I actually had to to your page to view it. But anyways loved vlog.

    I have a love hate relationship with the snow! Lol mini pigs?? I have to google this. As well as the watermark tattoo.

  2. First of all you made me tear up! I just love you to pieces and I know I have told you before but I love that you and I can share blogging now! Your a great blogger, and I love reading your posts since I can't walk to your house like when we were 12! This vlog was so good! You are getting way more confident and it totally shows. I want a mini pig too. I am pretty sure my love of pigs is how I ended up with Shia, she's kinda like a pig, she snorts and has a scrunched face. Also monkey yes! Bren and I tried to save up for a spider monkey until we also realized we had to change diapers for monkeys ewwww. Jared can't even pick up Shias poop without dry heaving it's really funny to watch. Your mom is an awesome decorator, and as soon as you let loose you will be too! I know it! Ohhh and I also had the biggest smile for the entire part about Shane. You two are awesome and the perfect couple! I think I covered everything! I love you!


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