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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Terribly Great Night.

Today was quite a day. I am back in Vegas as of today for training until Tuesday. I wish they would've just let me stay the weekend so that I didn't have to do so much driving. If you know me, then you know I'm not the biggest fan of driving. I actually loathe it. A lot. Almost more than being alone. Actually, I am alone when I'm driving because if I ever have anyone else then they are yeah.

Anyways! To start my wonderful driving day off I got to be accompanied by, what felt like, 100 mph winds. Which meant I had the steering wheel at ten and two with a grip that would probably make someones fingers fall off. So when I finally saw the giant hotels of Vegas in the horizon you could understand why I was relieved. That was short lived when I discovered Las Vegas Blvd was closed due to the Las Vegas Marathon. This would be fine if I knew where the hell I was going in Vegas...but I don't. Apparently everyone in Vegas has some built in detor map in their heads because there was not one detor sign ANYWHERE. I looked. So I drove around for about thirty minutes counting on my handy iPhone's GPS to recalculate and get me to my hotel with out coming anywhere near Las Vegas Blvd. Yeah...didn't happen. Also did I mention I have had to pee since Mesquite??

Fast forward what felt like an hour.

I had managed to back track and park in the Circus Circus parking lot. If I didn't find a bathroom and fast I would have more problems than just being lost. I called Shane and started bawling on the phone. I said a cussed out Las Vegas and complained how upset I was. I then proceeded to tell him how this was all his fault. Shane being calm and understanding (thank God) just said ok and made sure I was safe. He then guided me street by street, on speaker phone, to my hotel.

It took me two hours longer than it should have to get to Vegas but non the less I made it. I was frustrated and upset and I am so thankful I have a wonderful man I can count on to be there for me no matter what. I did apologize to him for being emotionally charged and blaming him for dumb things. I love him. It's funny how we take the little things our significant other do for us for granted sometimes. He really is so wonderful.

But wait! The night doesn't end there! For my drive starting off so awful my day actually ends up being a wonderfully amazing night! I was lucky enough to go out do dinner with my Aunt and Uncle and my cute cousins from my real dad's side! This was seriously a great way to end my horrible day. They live in Vegas and I can't believe I forgot until Tanisha, my cousin, mentioned it on my facebook! We went to Gordon Biersch Brewery and talked for hours! It was seriously so great to catch up with them. I love family. It's crazy how strong of a bond family has, you can go for a long time without ever talking to each other and then in one night it's like you never missed a day. There aren't may friendships out there like that. Only a few of the best friendships are lucky enough to have that bond of family.

So as crappy as my day started it ended up being pretty awesome! I have an amazing man and a wonderful family. I'm glad I got to end it on a positive note!

This Guy! I mean....really?! How am I so lucky?