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Sunday, July 15, 2012

There is Nothing Quite Like Family

I just had the busiest, craziest, funnest, most wonderful week EVER. I haven't had two seconds to post anything on my little blog because it has been so crazy around here! I am so sad to see it come to an end. Shane's wonderful sister and her amazing little kiddos came down from Wyoming to visit which was awesome. On top of that my little sister, Kjandyce, got to stay with me for a whole week which was seriously the best thing I could have ever asked for!

My little sister and I are 9 years apart. I grew up babysitting her, changing her diapers, putting her to bed, teaching her fun little kid games, reading her stories...Kjandyce was a special addition to our family because she is my mom and my step dads child which makes her my half sister. The way I have always looked at it is that she quickly became the glue to our family, blending us together and bringing us all even closer than we had ever been...I never had a little sibling before and she quickly became my best friend. She is now 13 (going on 18) and I am losing my mind with how grown up she is! Seriously...I think I am having a harder time with it than my own mom! I am in serious denial...if it were up to me I would make her leave the house in Care Bears pajamas, with no make up, and fluffy slippers...and maybe I'd throw in a sippy cup? Like I said, serious denial.

Look how cute she was as a itty baby! I think I see her as this all the time??

Kjandyce picked the absolute best time to visit me in this small little town of Cedar City. I had three days off in a row AND the July Jamboree was this weekend! The July Jamboree is a little car show and city fair type of thing! There are awesome vendors with super cute jewelry and accessories and then there are even more awesome classic cars there to be shown to everyone! What's that?? Did we put our ONE OF A KIND VW BUS in it?? uhhhhhh......YES!!! And she was a killer! Everyone loved her being there!
Look at her! So dang sexy at her first car show!

Anyways, Kjand loves the bus so it was super fun for her to get to ride in it and see it in the car show. We also had a super fun slumber party night at my house with all of Shane's nieces and Kjand! We did facials, ate candy, watched movies, and ate some more candy! It was so fun to have all of the girls over and know how good of an aunt I will be one day! :)
They had lots of fun!
Facials, Candy, and Horton Hears a Who!

If you aren't familiar with Cedar City, UT it is super close to St. George which is always 10 degrees hotter than Cedar, and if you aren't familiar with me then you should know that I looooove the heat and St. George! Therefore, Kjandyce, Shane, and I all went to St. George to do a little bit of shopping and eat at the delicious OG (Olive Garden). Kjandyce loves hanging out with Shane because he is super crazy, loud, and utterly hilarious. (Only a few of the reasons why I love him so much) He wouldn't answer any of Kjandyce's questions or talk to her unless she talked to him in an was hilarious!
Her and Shane get along so well! I love it!

I love that little girl so dang much. I can't even describe it! I don't want her to grow up and have boyfriends and do big kid things. It's so hard to accept that she is getting older! But it really did make it easier having her here with me for a week instead of just seeing her at home for a day. So thank you Mom and Dad for letting Kjand miss dance so she could hand out with good old me for a while! I love you both so very much and you guys are seriously the best parents any kid could ask for. And Kjandyce...aka Oober...You are too wonderful. I love you more than most things in life. Thank you for being so awesome while you stayed with me and listening to all that I had to say. You are seriously so beautiful...inside and out. You deserve the absolute best in life and don't you EVER settle for anything less! Also I have a confession for you...although I acted all tough saying goodbye to you today...the minute I got in my car I cried like a little baby. Don't judge me. I love you.

Isn't she just adorable?! I love her.



  1. I love these girls more than life itself!!! And.... Now I'm crying like the baby mom I am!!! Tears of joy... Of coarse! Thanks for everything Kjerstin, Kjandyce is very lucky to have such a beautiful, loving, caring big sister. You are seriously an AMAZING example for her. Thank you for being just whe way you are! I love you sissy!!!!

  2. Your family sounds amazing and I couldn't believe the similarites that we share! My mom and stepdad had another child which brought the family closer together. All though I'm 16 years older than my little sister lol I can't wait for her to get older and have these fun weeks, like you had here.I'm 19 now and she is 2 and so at the moment I'm loving helping out and watching her grow :) being big sisters is the best isn't it!!?!!


  3. Oh by the way, you have the best guy ever, so carring and thoughtful!!



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