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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sooooo....We're Moving!

So many things are changing in our wonderful married lives! Shane got a job offer at a Cadillac dealership last week and he took it. The dealership in downtown Salt Lake, which means we are moving to SLC Utah! I was born and raised in northern Utah and moved to Cedar City about 5 years ago.....five years! Cedar City is a smaller town and is about 45 minutes north of St. George UT. It has been really easy to live here because its extremely affordable and everything is so close. I have to admit having St. Geezy 45 min away and Vegas 2 hours away has been sooooo sweet! However, I miss my family and friends up in northern Utah and there aren't too many job opportunities here in Cedar City. So long story short, Shane started looking for jobs in St. George, Salt Lake, and California. Salt Lake was the first one to pan out and be a great opportunity for us and our future. (I'm slightly biased)

Shane starts his new job tomorrow and is leaving me tonight. Luckily we have amazing friends and he is going to be staying with them for a little while. I have to stay in Cedar City because this awesome school called Southern Utah University cut me short 5 credits from graduating. So, I am finishing school until the middle of December here. I don't mind too much because I love the people that I work with right now and I am able to stay with my brother in law and his wonderful family. I am really glad to not be alone and that Bugsley has people to play around with all day. However, I am going to miss Shane like crazy! I know it sounds super cliche to say this but he is my best friend, the best part of my day. I can't wait to go home after work and tell him all the crazy things that happened! Now Bugsley is going to have to hear about all the crazies! I can confide in Shane and beg him to go upstairs to get me water so I don't have to. He is the one that reminds me to do things! I mean Bugsley can only take on so much with him leaving. The longest we have ever been apart is like a week so this is going to be a big change for us. A good change though. I am just not sure what to expect or how to function with out him! He carries a lot of the weight with house things right now like laundy, making the bed, making my lunch, making my breakfast, fixing my car, and pretty much anything that has to do with cleaning. I am actually going to have to be a grown ass adult and do things for myself....and Bugsley!

I have been so spoiled with him always being here with Bug, taking her outside, feeding her, playing with her, and pretty much everything else with her. Now I am going to get to do all those things. I have been so spoiled! Bugs is going to miss Shane too because she is always following him around! When he was sick last month she never left his side. When I was sick...she could've cared less haha. On the bright side it will be great bonding time for Bugsley and me. Maybe I can get her 100% potty trained and teach her some cool tricks to impress Shane when he comes to visit.

All in all this is a really great thing for us. I am excited for the opportunities we have in Salt Lake to really grow and make some good money. I know Shane will kick major ass at his new job and everyone will love him. I am also extremely happy that he has to wear a dress shirt and tie every day! So many amazing things are in store for us and by making this move I feel like we are taking a step in the right direction.

I thought this was fitting
I'm losing my gym buddy!

This is Shane and Bugsley being reunited when we got back from our honeymoon

I told you he does everything for Buggaler!