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Monday, April 30, 2012

VDub Luv...The Story of Our Bus!

So I have this adorable little story about two little love birds and a VW Bus! It all started with a storage unit...Shane has had his eye on this but forEVER! We would drive by this storage unit and there would be that cute little bus just waiting patiently for us to become it's owner! Shane would call seriously like every week to try and figure out if the owner would sell it. Every time he would call the people in charge of the storage unit would tell him it's not for sale and the owner wasn't interested. However, that didn't stop Shane (gotta love his persistence). The last time he called the storage unit he got a sweet lady, he explained to her that we would love to own this bus and use it to drive away in on our wedding day. He explained to her that we wanted to restore it and keep it forever. She gave in and told him she would call the owner of the bus. The owner called Shane and it was a DONE DEAL! Finally! He was going to be able to get the bus he has had a crush on for so many years! However, that is not what Shane told me...he told me the owner called and said he wasn't interested in selling it ever. I was bummed! I mostly felt bad for him because he had tried so hard to get it!

 A couple weeks later he told me he had a surprise for me! I don't know about you but I LOVE surprises! It could be a mud pie and I would still be so happy just cus it was a surprise! So...I was going through my whole day trying to figure out what the heck it could be! He tried to lead me on that it was a puppy...which would have been awesome! Buuuut since he was making that so obvious I knew it couldn't be that. I was seriously clueless! So we drove to his moms house and he made me wait outside while he went into the garage...haha he even made puppy noises while he was in there...such a dork! When he opened the garage I was in shock! There it sat...our newly purchased 1962, 15 window Volkswagen Bus! I was in love. She needs some work but seriously it nothing compared to what most VW Busses look like when they are getting restored!

The day Shane surprised me!
Full view of The Bus!! Isn't she a beauty?!
Bus and sunset at the gym! Haha its like our child with how many photos we have!

So now we have an AWESOME 15 window VW bus! :) Some people don't really understand how awesome it is to have one...and other people are just as excited as we are! The best part about owning a bus is all of the nice and genuine people you attract! The VW community is so wonderful! Everyone is so helpful to share where we can get the best deals for parts and body work. I just love it! It is a whole other world of even more positivity! I will keep all of you updated on the progress of our wonderful project! It is going to be so amazing I can hardly wait! Shane is extremely attached to this bus and has a baaaad case of VW Bus obsession! One of my favorite things about these busses are the Ads! They make me laugh! Check some of them out!
haha...hilarious right? Folks...Volks? haha

So true though...
I just love it!

So that is my VW Bus story! We are officially obsessed! What are your guys favorite obsessions? Please feel free to leave comments! I love them!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reunited and It Feels So GOOD!

You know how you have that one friend who is ALWAYS there no matter where you live or how often you hang out? Well I am lucky enough to have one of those too! Her name is Miki! J She is my longest most wonderful friend and I just lover her to pieces! Anyways…Saturday night since I was in around where she lives we decided to get dinner! It was miss Miki and her wonderful hubster Jared, my older brother Braxton and his beautiful fiancĂ© Ashley. We went to the yummy Macaroni Grill and got our talk on for like 3 hours! Their bread is amazing! I could have eaten that for my whole meal. It basically rocked my world.

I love how Miki and I can not talk for weeks and then when we see each other its like BAM! We are perfectly awesome and pick up right where we left off. I have learned that these friends are far and few between and I really appreciate the friendship I have with her. Everyone should have a friend like Miki. So now needless to say…I NEVER thought I would want to move back to Salt Lake until I went and hung out with all these awesome people. It makes me miss being home and around family and friends all the time. It’s hard living in a small town where everyone has grown up together and knows everything about everybody, and then there is me. I’m lucky to have an awesome boyfriend who makes life a lot better a lot of the time. J I really love him.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I attempted creating a button thingy for my blog! It sort of worked haha and it took me hours! So I’m leaving it the way it is for now haha. Thanks for reading! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Let's Get it Started!!!

HelloEveryone! I am a TERRIBLE blogger, I am aware of this. However, I just recentlypurchased a book that seemed to be fitting enough for me in this situation. Itis called Blogging For Dummies...and I am pretty sure I am just about as dumbas it gets when it comes to blogging! So it was love at first sight! (Plus Ineeded and excuse purchasing a book to read on my new kindle!) I look ateveryone else's blogs and they look so cute and fun! Then I look at mine...andneedless to say...I look like a bum on the street asking for a hand out, exceptunlike them I never get one.

So,here I am making a final attempt at this wonderful world of blogging. My reasonfor making this blog is to let people in on the life of Kjerstin. I live in asmall town that I am not very fond of, I have a wonderfully amazing man in mylife Shane Wood (we will get to him later), I love being active, and I am aHUGE believer in being positive! If you like living in a negative mindset thenhopefully this will help you become even just a little more positive in yourdaily life!

Ichose the name for my blog to be “The Way I Am”. Do any of you ever listen toIngrid Michaelson? If that is a big fat YES then we should be best friends! Ifit’s a no then you definitely need to! Her music is magical! Anyway, when Ifirst started hanging out with Shane, her music is ALL I listened to! You knowwhen you first start liking someone and you listen to all of the songs thatremind you of them over and over and over again?! Well I was sucked into thatcycle and I had a BAD case of Ingrid love songs. Her song The Way I Am isseriously the perfect song to describe Shane and me. He accepts and loves me througheven my worst of days and I never thought the kind of love he gives me was everpossible. He is my rock and I am so thankful to have him! He makes mecomfortable with The Way I am and that is the kind of support that gives me thecourage to put myself out there in ways like making a blog! J

Sorrythis is so long! Thanks for reading and hopefully there are even better poststo come!! If you have ANY ideas of what are good blogging topics PLEASE help asista out and give me some tips! 

Here is Ingrid...she is beautiful! :)
This is one of the first pics Shane and I took! We are being awesome riding his scooter!