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Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Think They Call It Puppy Love?

I am in love...with all puppies! Seriously! Why are puppies so darn cute?? Their tiny faces, paws, noses, spotted tongues, little pot bellies, I could go on and on and on. However, one day they grow up and either stay itty bitty or become giants. I am an itty bitty dog lover and a giant dog lover from a separate home. One day I want a cute little hellion running around and cuddling me but the question is what kind?? SUCH a hard decision!

Here are a few that I am currently in love with! In NO specific order:

French Bull Dog
French Bull Dog Puppy
Aren't they the cutest things ever! I love their faces and their perky ears! I saw the cuuuutest brown one the other day and I was immediately in love! They are so adorable! They stay pretty small too which I love! I want one!

I love these little guys! When I worked at Starbucks there was a customer that had a boy and a girl and she would dye their hair different colors and do them in different styles! I freakin loved it! I love how little they are..except I have heard they are slightly yappy...not good.

Shane is in love with these dogs! They are great running dogs and extremely active, which is good for Shane because he would have a running buddy since I am a terribly slow runner. Plus how cute is this picture of the dog in glasses?! It's like Shanes twin! Haha love them! 

Shih tzu
 This is my families dog! Princess Starlet Marie. She is the cutest dang puppy I have ever seen! I don't know how my mom did it but she trained her to be the most well behaved dog! She only barks when someone is at the door and that is IT! She is so good and makes me want a million Shih Tzu's!! :) She has a pink feather in her hair and a purple hair extension...she is slightly spoiled. 

Miniature Pig
Ok...I am aware that these adorable things are not puppies buuut I would seriously consider buying one! They are so smart and clean! They are just like dogs and they stay small forever! You can teach them how to do tricks and everything! I love them just like I love all the puppies above! Maybe I will get a big house and have one of all of these!
What are your guys favorite pets?? Is it weird that I want a mini pig?



  1. love these! totally melts my heart!

  2. I'm totally in love with French Bulldogs! Their sweet little faces are too adorable to handle!! I'm also superrrrrrr obsessed with Golden doodles...but that's my list! Ha! Love you girlie! You make my day! :)

  3. Aww miniature pigs are so cute. I love cats especially black cats. I love your blog, followed!! xxx


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