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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Woman of the Month...My Grandma!

Today is a very special day, it is my Grandma's Birthday! She is the most beautiful woman I know. When I was younger I thought that all Grandparents were like mine. I thought every grandchild got the week long vacations with their cousins every year to be completely spoiled. I remember my grandma would make us give her a list of all the candy and junk food we wanted for our time with them. We would get all hopped up on sugar and pies and have the time of our lives! Needless to say now that I am older, I know I am one of the few lucky ones who get to have amazing grandparents.

My Grandma is the sweetest lady you will ever meet. She is amazing at cooking and baking, especially holiday foods, and is the funniest woman in the world. Even to this day, as a 23 year old adult, I still look forward to visiting my grandparents! Shane and I got to go up and see them about a month ago along with my cousin Carinne and her man Jordan. It is amazing how much fun we can have with my grandparents. My Grandma baked a peach pie and had homemade peach jam for us. She made her famous spaghetti and stayed up late with us to play games and visit. We got to look at all of her and my grandpas old pictures and learn so much about their family history. I am so blessed to have a Grandma who is an amazing example to her grandchildren.