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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Miss Independent...

Or not. I realized tonight that I am not very independent when it comes to being alone. I hate hate hate it. I try really hard not to use that word but I can honestly say that I really do hate being alone. Some people find it soothing or relaxing. "It's nice to just be away from everyone" they say. "It gives me my ME time." "I enjoy it." I say nay.  I do not agree with any of this. I got a taste of this so called "me" time tonight and I did not enjoy it one bit.

Here's the scoop. I am in Vegas for some extra training to add to my awesome Banker skills. I am in Vegas alone. Without Shane. He couldn't get work off so I accomplished a few firsts tonight. I drove in Vegas for the first time ever, I checked into a hotel alone for the first time ever, and here is the best part...I ate alone in a restaurant for the first time ever. I wasn't a big fan of any of the above, however, I am least fond of the that last little portion.

So I have decided that I am officially a grown up now. Mostly because I ate alone in a sit down restaurant. I also ordered an appetizer. No, not as my an appetizer. I'm not thaaaat grown up I guess. It seems like doing things alone is something that comes with getting older. I don't think it's a bad thing that I don't like doing some things alone, but I also don't think it is a bad thing that people enjoy it. Just a personal preference.

What do you prefer? I would love to hear where you guys like to go when you go out alone!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Show The Love

I am feeling very full of love today. Love is such a powerful thing when you show and voice the things you love those things become stronger gaining even more love. I love my new position at my wonderful job. I am excited to be awesome at what I do and gain even more understanding of this wonderful banking industry. I love how warm and wonderful the weather has been. It has only snowed once and I love that too! I love my family and how they care so much about me. I love my Dad for everything he has done, and still does, for my older brother and me. Being technically our "step" dad he never had to care as much as he does. I love him for caring so much and being so passionate about wanting the best for Braxt and me. I love my little sister and how wonderful our relationship is. She is growing up so fast and I love that she can confide in me for advice and look up to me as much as she does. I love my big brother for all the wonderful advice he gives me. With out him I think I would let my emotions get the best of me and he is able to bring me back into balance. I love his wonderful wife and my new sister in law. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. She is the perfect match for Braxton. I love their marriage and look forward to having a wonderful marriage like theirs one day. I love Shane, more than I could ever describe to anyone. He is my other half. He does so much for me and will do whatever makes me happy. We have an amazing relationship with so much love and respect. I could not dream of a better man to be with. I love my Mom and how great our relationship is! I did a whole post on my thankfulness for her here. She is an amazing woman and I love her so much. I love my real dad, Benji, and how far he has come since this time last year. I am proud of the things he is accomplishing and I love that we are starting to mend our relationship. I love God and how no matter how my life is going he has a plan for me. I love that he is always there for me to talk to and pray with. I love how I have found a place for faith in my life and that Shane has helped me find that place in my heart. I love my life. I love everyone who takes place in it. I love that everyday is a learning experience and I am constantly growing as a person. I love who I am becoming. I love The Way I Am.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters!

Oh, hello Friday. I thought you'd never show up. Here is what I've thought of your little week.

Dear Man of Mine,
I love you and I think you are the smartest, most caring and wonderful man alive. Don't ever let anyone make you feel otherwise. You are my everything and I appreciate all that you do for me. Thank you, for literally everything. I am crazy in love with you.
Dear Neighbors,
Rave music at 4am? Not Cool. People have to actually get up and go to work in the morning and can't party every night of the week. Go. To. Bed. No, I'm not sorry I called the cops on you.
Dear The Power,
Thank you for being a book full of love and helping me understand that even the toughest of situations have a positive outcome as long as I focus on the love I want to come out of it. You saved me this week. Seriously.
Dear Parents,
I love you both more than you know. I'm sorry sometimes we disagree and see things differently. Thank you for caring so much and loving me unconditionally. I couldn't ask for better parents
Dear Big Brother,
I would be so lost and hopeless with out you. Thank you for always being here for me and helping me think through things in a different way. You are an amazing big brother and I am glad you were the 1st born because we all know I would have epically failed at that task. 
Dear Work,
I am so excited to be done with training so I can show everyone how awesome I am. I know people have pretty high expectations of me and I ready to go beyond those. Lets get this party started.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Those Words....

 It's been a rough week. I am grateful for Shane and how great he is to me. He handles my emotions extremely well. I have sat here wanting to write something because I am at that point where if I don't I will just sit here frustrated and full of tears. So I turned to the good old blog.  I tried writing about my emotions and I have deleted it about 45669877 and a half times. So I decided to just write words and see how it went...this is what I got and I actually feel a little better. I just needed a moment to say what I'm feeling. So here it is...don't judge me.

Do you feel the words you say?
The fire spilling out of your mouth,
burning everything in its path.
All that's left are the ashes of emotion.
Voiceless tears filled with pain.
Yet, the only words I want to hear are
"I'm Sorry."


Sunday, November 11, 2012

IN This Week...

I am the type of person that gets stuck into a routine. The weekend comes and Shane and I will either go out to dinner then come home and watch a movie or go to the movie theater. If we don't do that we will take the bus out for a drive. I love the bus. You see living in Cedar City we don't have too many options to do something different. Do you ever get stuck in a routine?

I am jealous of all my friends and family that live in Salt Lake because they have this awesome magazine called 'In Magazine' this is Salt Lakes premier entertainment guide. If there is a super fun event going on you better bet all the details will be in here. IN Magazine lists all the shopping malls and centers, attractions, and parks in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. In this months issue they had an interview with a Utah Jazz player, Gorden Hayward. (See they even appeal to men!) They also listed a 2012 gift guide for Christmas! Speaking of Christmas...If you need help with Christmas gift ideas make sure to check out their December issue they will have so many helpful tips. It is a one stop shop for a fun time in Salt Lake. Every month they have a full dining review that is provided by a local food review expert, SLC Foodie. To help save you money they have great deals and coupons in there for literally just about everything! Here is their Facebook Page so you can go check them out. If you want discounted tickets that are worth having...check out their Facebook page and they are always mentioning what tickets they have for sale!

Now for my small business, big business or any business crowd...Kathleen Beckmann does advertising for this magazine! If you want to advertise or feature your business somewhere that is well known and reaches a large amount of consumers this is the place to do it! IN Magazine is well known and gets everywhere in the Salt Lake Valley! It's an easy and effective way you get your business out there. The graphic design team is phenomenal.  If you need your ad designed for you...they will be more than happy to do it and free of charge at that! If you already have an awesome ad and want that in there...they are more than happy to use it. They are super easy to work with and their advertising team is pretty awesome! Check em out!!! IN Magazine's Facebook Page.

If you are interested in advertising or featuring your business, contact:
Kathleen Beckmann at (801) 204-6368 or email her at

Saturday, November 10, 2012

So...There's This Girl...

I know everyone and their dog is doing the 30 Days of Thanksgiving in lieu to Thanksgiving. I am doing it on my Facebook but I am thankful for so many wonderful things that I thought I would focus on one major thing on the good old blog once a week.

This Week I am extremely thankful for my Mom.
My mom is probably the strongest person I know. She has been through so many things and remains to be an incredible woman. I look up to her more than she will ever know. She has always been there for me through broken hearts, mean girls, drill team drama, exciting job interviews and promotions, fashion advice, more fashion advice. I could go on and on and on. My mom has always been the one person who knows me for who I really am. We can gossip with each other saying the most outlandish things and just laugh about it. She is a phenomenal business woman and I hope I am as successful in my job career as she is.

My mom is the most creative person I know. (unbiased) She is so selfless when it comes to her kids. When I graduated high school my mom created scrapbooks of my birth to my graduation for me to keep forever. Every Christmas she puts together outfits of all the clothes she has bought me. That last part has been bitter sweet because now that I am older and my parents don't buy all of my clothes I have a really hard time putting together outfits that are as cute as the ones my mom always put together for me. A couple weeks ago my mom took me shopping for new business outfits for my new job! Spending those couple of days shopping with her was so wonderful! I love the relationship I have with my mom.

Growing up is hard on parents. I am almost positive that it is harder for the parents than it is for us kids. They have to go from being able to tell their kids what to do to only being able to give their kids advice and hope they take it. I know it is hard on my mom that I live 3 hours away from her. She doesn't get to see me as much as she would like and I know that is rough on her. If she had it her way I bet she would have me live next door to her. I love that my mom wants me so close to her all of the time. I think that says a lot about the type of relationship we have. I am very thankful for my Mama.

My Mom is Famous! She is the sexy one in the middle :) {via}

Love you Mama. Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Last Day...

Today was my last day at my current Wells Fargo branch. It is so bitter sweet. On one hand I am super excited to be moving up in the company and achieving my goals, but on the other hand I am really sad to leave all the great people I work with.

There is a point in a new job where you don't feel like the new kid anymore. I feel like I had juuust accomplished this and now I am leaving. I am so comfortable with everyone there and they understand my sense of humor. I have become really good friends with one of the girls there, Kylee, and I will miss working with her everyday.

Now I get to go and be the new kid again...yaay! This is seriously the only thing I am nervous about from moving into a new position. I know I am going to be a kick ass banker. I am good at learning new things and great customer service is something I am good at. However, I don't really like that new kid feeling where no one really knows me. I feel like I am an easy person to get along with so hopefully they will except me with open arms.

All in all I am really excited for this new step into my career life. I am so blessed to have had such an amazing opportunity to work with such great people and I look forward working with more wonderful people at my new branch. Monday is my first day as a BANKER! Wish me luck!!!

I thought these quotes were appropriate:

Have you guys ever been scared of change?? Or being the new kid??