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Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Letters!

Where in the world has this week gone?! This has got to be the craziest week I have had in a LONG time! Anyways, here are my letters!

Dear New Job: Don't get me wrong...I LOVE you! Buuuut I don't love sitting in front of a computer reading for 6 hours about policies and procedures. I know, I know, its good to learn all the odds and ends of this job...but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it! :) Oh..and I'm just gonna throw this out there...this whole hour lunch thing is seriously sweet!
I couldn't take a cute picture of my face at work today even if someone would've offered me a I settled for my cute shoes instead.
Dear Work Clothes: I am even more in love with you! I love getting all sexy for work everyday and I think Shane would thank you too if he was writing this letter. Also, thanks for giving me such a great excuse to go shopping ;)

Dear Old Apartment: I will miss your nice appliances...but that is probably about it. I won't miss the nasty mastiff that likes to pee and poop on your carpet, drool on your walls, and period on your floor...(this is not and exaggeration)
I promise I'm a nice person and I really do LOVE dogs...but this is NOT a dog...this is a damn horse!

Dear New Apartment: Hola! :) I cannot WAIT to decorate you!!! I'm sorry if it ends up being ugly...there is a first time for everything and this will be my first time decorating with out my lovely mom's help! is an apology in advance

Dear Pinterest: Thank you for being my savior when it comes to anything and everything fashionable...even if I fail you helped me at least attempt it, so I thank you.

Dear Summer: Where are you?! I have a three day weekend and you decided to go on a vacation too?! What the heck man?! 
Sunsets remind me of summer...and it was a good excuse to put up this AWESOME picture I took last night!
Dear Blogging World: I was SO lame this week and slacked BIG time on my posts! It has been an insane week! I ended my old job, started my new one, I'm packing up all my shizzz, and now I FINALLY have a break! :) Thank you to all my new/current followers and to everyone who comments on my posts! It seriously makes my day!
This is how I look after you guys make my day! Sexy eh? :)

 Dear Charlie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are so wonderful and I miss you like crazy! I know you are kicking ass at basic training and I hope you got to sort of celebrate your birthday! I have a card, letter, and a little gift headed your way! I can not wait until you come home and I get to see your sweet face and steal you for coffee dates! Talking to you on Sunday seriously made my whole week so thank you for calling me :) Love you Charles! Stay strong!
Charlie is Shane's little brother...and my ex lover...ok...just Shane's little brother :) Isn't he a sweet heart though?!
 Thank you guys for reading my letters! I hope you all have an amazing weekend! You should all link up to this if you already haven't! It's super fun!



  1. ewwww on the "period". Gross.

    and LOL at the picture of the dog!!! Holy shizz that is a horse. i've seen bigger though. :)

    Nice picture of yourself ROFL!!!

    Have an awesome weekend.

    1. haha you likey?! I am seriously attractive huh! haha and you don't even want to know how much worse it gets with that dog! Seriously! Ugh. But I will have a wonderful weekend and I know you will too ;) I hope the weather is more in your favor than mine :(

  2. Ha ha ex lover eh? I love that you wear sexed up clothes now :) hottie!

    1. haha if you knew'd laugh really hard :) I think you two would get along really well! And I love getting dressed up! It's so dang fun! P.S. I loved your letters!

  3. I love your letters and am going to totally copy it for my own personal journal!!! Love your cute work shoes... And the Starbucks mug!! Haha soooo you! That dog is gross! And I want to help you decorate!!!! Pleeeeeeze!!! Love you!

    1. Yay!! Totally do it! :) I wish you had time to blog! You would be awesome at it! And of course you can help! I'll be calling you for input obviously! I just really want to try and get the ideas and things ony own :) I gotta learn sometime! Love you!!!

  4. ah i can't wait for the day i get an hour for lunch ;) hang in there. it'll be worth it!

    1. haha thank you! and I have never had an hour lunch so I am in heaven!


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