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I obviously have to brag a little about my amazing boyfriend Mr. Shane Wood! You will hear a lot about him in my posts and I figured this is a perfect opportunity to tell our little love story! :)

We met awhile ago when I was working at Cafe Rio (Don't judge) and he was working across the street at Starbucks. (I knew there was a reason why I love that place so much) He would come into Cafe Rio and my manager loved him so he would hook him up with free salads. Well, me being the cashier I would ring him up and talk to him. I started noticing him more and more at Starbucks and he started giving me free coffees in return for free salads. He was a very personable guy. I was currently dating someone at the time so I tried extremely hard to not be interested. We started talking to each other more and more and he ended up getting me a job at Starbucks.

We started working together and getting to know each other better. Things ended between the guy I was dating and Shane and I started hanging out just as friends. We would literally hang out until the wee hours of the next morning just talking about everything! I had never felt so comfortable with someone. I felt like I could tell him anything and he would understand exactly what I was saying. We had so much in common and wanted so many of the same things in the future. He could make me laugh so hard and feel so happy. He was old fashioned and made me feel so good about myself. I honestly had no idea this type of happiness was possible until I met Shane.

We had been hanging out literally non-stop for about three months and Shane asked me to be his girlfriend. I invited him to come to Lake Powell with my family. I thought this was a perfect opportunity for my family to get to know him and see what they think. He hit it off with them right away! They were kind of taken back by his crazyness and how fearless he is but all in all they liked him. I remember my mom mentioning to me that my dad had actually said he could see Shane being a part of our family. This was huge to me because I hadn't even thought that far...ok lets be honest, I had thought that far, I'm a girl!...Hearing that from my mom seriously meant so much to me.

After the Lake Powell trip we were having one of our loooong talks and we started talking about what Shane called the "L" word. We talked about what it meant to us and how important it is to really love someone. He had never used that word with a girl before so I was kinda nervous. After talking about it for what felt like all night...he finally said it! He said, "I love you." I was ecstatic. I honestly never knew what true love was until I met Shane and he showed me. I love this guy with all of my heart and I couldn't imagine my life with anyone but him.

This is from when we first met
He is kind of a nerd but I love him

Ah! I just love him a lot.


  1. I love you and Shane. This is such a sweet page, I love every second of it!

  2. Ok love this post and PS your body is SLAMMING on that bathing suit


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