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Monday, May 14, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Summer Lovin??

So May is almost over...which means June is right around the corner! Summer is so dang close!!! YAY! With summer being so close Shane and I made a Summer Wish List! We tried to keep it realistic haha but sometimes that's hard for us! Anyway, here it is in no specific order:
  1. California Beach Trip: We love California and Shane has some family down there so it's way fun to go! I am also mildly obsessed with the beach! It is my favorite thing ever and there are SO many awesome VW Busses! 
  2. At least 2 Camping trips (One with hiking): We ALWAYS talk about going camping but never get around to doing it! The sad thing is we live in Cedar City UT where there are camping sites and hiking trails EVERYWHERE! We have decided to stop talking about it and start doing it and I am stoked!
  3. Lake Powell trip with the Backmann's: My family tries to make it down to Lake Powell every year. Last year we all had a busy summer and missed out :( so hopefully this summer we will be able to make it down there! I am in love with Lake Powell, it is the most beautiful place on earth! If you have never been you NEED to go!
  4. Go to at least one VW car show: We might be marking this off of our bucket list after this weekend! There is the Misbehavin In the Desert VW race and car show in Vegas! I think Shane and I are going! We are super excited!!
  5. Visit my grandparents in Orangeville: My wonderful Grandparents live in this little bitty town called Orangville. They have lived there for almost 3 years and I have still never been to their home...I promise I'm not a horrible grandchild. The one time I was on my way up to visit them I got a phone call telling me Shane had been in an accident and was being rushed to the ER. I had to turn around and drive as fast as I could back to Cedar City. I haven't made it back to see them since. I'm a little superstitious and won't go unless Shane is with me now.
  6. Have the Bus in the paint shop by August: This is a BIG one on the bucket list! We want to use the bus to drive away in when we get married so getting it painted is one step closer for me! :) haha and after its painted we can start fixing it up the way we want!
  7. Go boating with my family: This one is a given. My family is completely obsessed with boating! My parents just moved into a house that literally looks right onto Utah Lake. My dad will be out there every day this summer! If you love boating too just hit me up and come right along! We love fellow boaters!
  8. Put the Bus in the July Jamboree: Every year in Cedar City there is a little car show type thing called the July Jamboree. It is so fun because there are lots of old cars and fun little kiosks that sell fun random things. We are gonna try and get the bus in this little show if it isn't being painted! :)
  9. Run a 5k: This is a hard goal for me. I am not much of a runner. I have a bum hip when it comes to running which is extremely frustrating because I would really like to be good at it. So I am going to slowly strengthen my core and hopefully work my hip out enough that the pain will eventually go away so I can achieve this goal of running a 5k!
  10. Get tan and have a bitchin summer: This is pretty self explanatory.
Beach Beach Beach!

My ADORABLE Grandparents!

Doesn't seem like too much right? :) What are all of your guys plans for the summer?? I would love to hear them to get even more fun ideas!


  1. Your list has gotten me excited for summer :) I think when my boyfriend gets home we need to sit down and make one. It is one of my goals to go camping this summer.

    1. Do it! It is so fun and ideas just start pouring out! haha we had to limit ours to 10 or else we would probably have to quit our jobs to get anything crossed off!

  2. OH! You should come to Powell with us! Seriously August, mark it on your calendars. I think it's the 22-26!

    1. California is where its at for August! Don't you dare bail! :) haha

  3. I think we might be best friends cause your list has so many of my thoughts. I'm obsessed with the beach too! i live in colorado, so camping is sweet and i can't wait to actually go!! im now following you!


    1. We must be BFF's! I lived in Colorado for like 4 years when I was a wee little kiddo! :) I love it there! Everyone is so sweet! Isn't the beach just amazing?? It makes me want to move to Cali! Thanks for the follow!! :)

  4. Replies
    1. i know right?! Your gonna be all ripped and sexy with your new ab machine!!


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