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Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Early Mothers Day Extravaganza!

What are you guys doing for Mothers Day? I celebrated Mothers Day with my Mama a little early this year! My mom works for a magazine called Media One, Now IN Salt Lake. They were sponsoring an event at South Towne Mall. A Mothers Day Tea Party! So my little sister, my grandma, my mom and I all went! It was mostly cute little girls but it was so dang fun! We got to meet the people my mom works with and have TONS of sugary treats! (How can you not be jealous!?) I love spending time with my mom and little sister! The coolest part about this little tea party event was the fact that I won one of the raffle drawings!!! I NEVER win anything! It was a whopping $25 to Downeast Outfitters!! :) Lucky...I know! We just so happen to have one of these in the small town of Cedar City! ;) Talk about fate! Anyways, we stuffed our faces and got some awesome treat bags and I got to spend some quality time with my wonderful Grandma! :) She is seriously the cutest lady I know! Here are some Pics of us at the Tea Party! :)
My Wonderful Grandma and Me!

Aren't we a bunch of babes??

My Beautiful Grandma and My Beautiful Mom

I WON!!!

Kjandyce (My little Sister) and Me


  1. Gorgeous ladies :)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. hi kjerstin! i randomly stumbled upon your blog on twitter. i love your blog name... it's so perfect :)


    1. Thank you! I like it :) Thanks for stopping by! We should swap buttons! :)

  3. Fun! And congrats on winning the gift card! You are all beautiful!

  4. So cute!! Kjand totally looks at least 5 years younger :) you all look gorgeous. Your momma always dresses so hot!

    1. Haha thats what I keep thinking! Kjand CLEARLY looks younger than me! :) haha I love that you understand this! :) My mama does always dress hot huh! haha you need to come see her shoe closet...INSANE!


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