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Monday, May 28, 2012

My Life in Boxes

Some people love packing, some people love unpacking, and then there's the me who doesn't love either. I love moving, I just hate the packing part. Especially because when I have lived in a place for a year I am some how able to make it look like I have lived there for five years. Then there is the roommate side of things...going through each item trying to remember if it is mine or hers. I have a problem with being assertive or demanding in any shape or form so I usually just give in and say, "Oh ok, if you remember it being yours then it probably is." Which actually helps me in short term because it's less for me to pack!

However, it does nothing for me long term because I have to go out and spend money I don't have on an item I did have! It's a vicious cycle this lack of assertiveness I have. I am trying to get better at it I just seem to have a timid personality I guess?? Who knows. Anyways, that is my little rant on packing. There is one HUGE positive to all of this packing/unpacking madness! It's literally like Christmas when I find last years Christmas presents that I lost and thought were gone forever! Spending my whole three day weekend is going to be so worth it when I am all unpacked in my new place and living in pure cleanliness! With out a nasty horse dog. If you are confused about my last statement you should check out my friday's letters. I finally have everything moved out of there and into my new place! Now let the unpacking begin!!


  1. Good for you!! I'm totally with you on the HATING packing thing. And yes, it deserved all caps. When I was supposed to be moving my whole life to OK, it was three days before the big move and I literally had 3 boxes packed....3 boxes that took me six weeks! Ha! My problem is that I'm wayyyy to A.D.D. to stay focused on one task....especially when it's a task I HATE. And yes, the caps were deserved. Hope you have fun treasure hunting! :)

  2. I hate moving period. That's why I've been living at my apartment for 3 yrs but I'm slowly starting to build up a hate towards it because it's getting to be too expensive so in March I will be moving. Have fun unpacking.


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