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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Could I Be Any More Awkward?!

As you all know I have a wonderful and amazing boyfriend! He is a cutie. I have come to the conclusion that I am extremely awkward when I get hit on. I have been pondering why I make this type of situation so incredibly awkward since I ran into this sort of incident a few days ago.

First I am going to list the symptoms that I experience when that guy walks up with that look in his eyes and I realize "Oh dear God I am going to get hit on." It starts with my heart up into my throat, pounding. I am constantly thinking in my head, "How do I sneak in a comment about my BOYFRIEND." Then after I think the previous statement I proceed to think, "Oh no, this is going to be SOOO awkward...this IS sooo awkward!" Which ends up with me awkwardly fidgeting with my clothes, making weird laughing sounds I never new were even possible coming from my mouth, and finally when they ask for my number or what I am doing later I am able to slide in the B-Word. (boyfriend). 

I honestly need lessons on how to dodge the awkward bullet before it hits me! (get it?! Hits me? and I am being hit on?!) The incident that happened was on Thursday. I was in this little coffee shop minding my own business...tweeting up a storm with my fellow tweeters...when this Haitian guy walks up to me and asks me something. He had a pretty thick accent so I couldn't really understand him. He was pointing to the chair across from me and I thought he was asking if he could take it. So me being a COMPLETE idiot says, "Ya you can take that! I'm not using it!" So what does he do?! He sits down! At my table! Across from me! And I think to myself, "Oh dear God, I am going to get hit on."

He proceeds to tell me that he has a goal to talk to a beautiful person everyday and he picked me today. (Aren't I just the luckiest girl ever.) So I proceed on to the fidgeting and awkward noises from my mouth. A LOT of looking at my phone, as if someone will magically call me and say they need me right away! (I'm not that lucky) and finally I told him I was on a lunch break from work and I had to get back. I was so nervous I didn't even tell him I have a boyfriend! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! On the bright side he didn't ask for my number :) Thank God.

Anyways, that is my incredible awkwardness when it comes to guys. It's terrible. If any of you have advice for me I would LOVE to hear it because clearly I need some help. Haha thanks for reading!
I think he loves me because he is awkward too? haha

Awkwardly mini golfing

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  1. Lol awwww. Next time you get hit on you'll be able to tell that guy you have an awesome cute boyfriend. Have a good weekend moving and hiking.


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