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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Last Day...

Today was my last day at my current Wells Fargo branch. It is so bitter sweet. On one hand I am super excited to be moving up in the company and achieving my goals, but on the other hand I am really sad to leave all the great people I work with.

There is a point in a new job where you don't feel like the new kid anymore. I feel like I had juuust accomplished this and now I am leaving. I am so comfortable with everyone there and they understand my sense of humor. I have become really good friends with one of the girls there, Kylee, and I will miss working with her everyday.

Now I get to go and be the new kid again...yaay! This is seriously the only thing I am nervous about from moving into a new position. I know I am going to be a kick ass banker. I am good at learning new things and great customer service is something I am good at. However, I don't really like that new kid feeling where no one really knows me. I feel like I am an easy person to get along with so hopefully they will except me with open arms.

All in all I am really excited for this new step into my career life. I am so blessed to have had such an amazing opportunity to work with such great people and I look forward working with more wonderful people at my new branch. Monday is my first day as a BANKER! Wish me luck!!!

I thought these quotes were appropriate:

Have you guys ever been scared of change?? Or being the new kid??


  1. YES! I was so terrified of leaving my old job. I was with family, and I was beyond comfortable there. When I switched over to working at Perfectly Posh. It was so scary to me. The good news is.. it's scary for like a day. The first day is hard you're learning so much, and learning everyone, and everyone's personality. Then all the sudden a day goes by - 3 days - and then you've been there for 5 months then a year then 4 years. That's the story! You'll do so great Kjerst!!


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