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Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters!

Oh, hello Friday. I thought you'd never show up. Here is what I've thought of your little week.

Dear Man of Mine,
I love you and I think you are the smartest, most caring and wonderful man alive. Don't ever let anyone make you feel otherwise. You are my everything and I appreciate all that you do for me. Thank you, for literally everything. I am crazy in love with you.
Dear Neighbors,
Rave music at 4am? Not Cool. People have to actually get up and go to work in the morning and can't party every night of the week. Go. To. Bed. No, I'm not sorry I called the cops on you.
Dear The Power,
Thank you for being a book full of love and helping me understand that even the toughest of situations have a positive outcome as long as I focus on the love I want to come out of it. You saved me this week. Seriously.
Dear Parents,
I love you both more than you know. I'm sorry sometimes we disagree and see things differently. Thank you for caring so much and loving me unconditionally. I couldn't ask for better parents
Dear Big Brother,
I would be so lost and hopeless with out you. Thank you for always being here for me and helping me think through things in a different way. You are an amazing big brother and I am glad you were the 1st born because we all know I would have epically failed at that task. 
Dear Work,
I am so excited to be done with training so I can show everyone how awesome I am. I know people have pretty high expectations of me and I ready to go beyond those. Lets get this party started.

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