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Sunday, November 11, 2012

IN This Week...

I am the type of person that gets stuck into a routine. The weekend comes and Shane and I will either go out to dinner then come home and watch a movie or go to the movie theater. If we don't do that we will take the bus out for a drive. I love the bus. You see living in Cedar City we don't have too many options to do something different. Do you ever get stuck in a routine?

I am jealous of all my friends and family that live in Salt Lake because they have this awesome magazine called 'In Magazine' this is Salt Lakes premier entertainment guide. If there is a super fun event going on you better bet all the details will be in here. IN Magazine lists all the shopping malls and centers, attractions, and parks in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. In this months issue they had an interview with a Utah Jazz player, Gorden Hayward. (See they even appeal to men!) They also listed a 2012 gift guide for Christmas! Speaking of Christmas...If you need help with Christmas gift ideas make sure to check out their December issue they will have so many helpful tips. It is a one stop shop for a fun time in Salt Lake. Every month they have a full dining review that is provided by a local food review expert, SLC Foodie. To help save you money they have great deals and coupons in there for literally just about everything! Here is their Facebook Page so you can go check them out. If you want discounted tickets that are worth having...check out their Facebook page and they are always mentioning what tickets they have for sale!

Now for my small business, big business or any business crowd...Kathleen Beckmann does advertising for this magazine! If you want to advertise or feature your business somewhere that is well known and reaches a large amount of consumers this is the place to do it! IN Magazine is well known and gets everywhere in the Salt Lake Valley! It's an easy and effective way you get your business out there. The graphic design team is phenomenal.  If you need your ad designed for you...they will be more than happy to do it and free of charge at that! If you already have an awesome ad and want that in there...they are more than happy to use it. They are super easy to work with and their advertising team is pretty awesome! Check em out!!! IN Magazine's Facebook Page.

If you are interested in advertising or featuring your business, contact:
Kathleen Beckmann at (801) 204-6368 or email her at

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  1. hey you, its been forever! can't wait to catch up on your stories and exciting photos!



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