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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Creepy Crawly Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! I seriously love this holiday! Did you know today is Nevada Day and so everyone in Nevada has this day off?! Freakin lucky ducks!

Shane and I aren't necessarily celebrating actual Halloween today. Why you ask? Well because we had an early celebration last weekend in VEGAS! It was so much fun! My most wonderful best friend Miki and her cute husband Jared came down with us.

Shane and I go to Vegas around this time every year for the NHRA drag races. He loves them for the actual racing. I love them for the people about rednecks.

So when we discovered that the drags fell on the weekend before Halloween we decided it would be a brilliant idea to invite Miki and Jared! And a brilliant idea it was! The drags weren't until Sunday so we went out on Saturday in our awesome costumes...Miki and I were Indians and our sexy men were Cowboys! Miki and Jared had never been to Fremont Street so Shane and I decided that would be the best place to go. It was so much fun! We saw just about everything...literally.

Here's Shane and me in our Costumes!
Haha I think I miiiiight be part Indian? eh??

Aren't we sexy?!
I am so glad I got to have some girl time with Miki. It is hard living far away from your best friend. We had lots of catching up to do and I am so happy her and Jared decided to come with us! Shane and Jared get along really well which makes it a lot of fun for the four of us to go out. I can't wait to do this again!!

Viva Vegas! On Fremont Street
Shane and I at the Drags!
There was a miniature golf course by our hotel that was all KISS themed! Shane was in heaven and had to take pictures!


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  1. You guys look awesome, and wow celebration in vegas sooo jealous!!!



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