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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Those Words....

 It's been a rough week. I am grateful for Shane and how great he is to me. He handles my emotions extremely well. I have sat here wanting to write something because I am at that point where if I don't I will just sit here frustrated and full of tears. So I turned to the good old blog.  I tried writing about my emotions and I have deleted it about 45669877 and a half times. So I decided to just write words and see how it went...this is what I got and I actually feel a little better. I just needed a moment to say what I'm feeling. So here it is...don't judge me.

Do you feel the words you say?
The fire spilling out of your mouth,
burning everything in its path.
All that's left are the ashes of emotion.
Voiceless tears filled with pain.
Yet, the only words I want to hear are
"I'm Sorry."


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