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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Randomness of Me.

It's Saturday! And I have the day off! :) This rarely happens but since I have a kick ass job I get this Saturday and next Saturday off! I thought I would take some time today since and share some random little bits of information about yours truly! (that's me) 
  • I am obsessed with coffee...I love it more than most things

  • I wait to get in the shower until the whole bathroom is filled with steam and the mirror is fully fogged up

  • I hate blow drying my hair...It only takes me about fifteen minutes but it seriously feels like a five hours!

  • I love old people. It's kind of weird but whenever I see an elderly person I wish they were my grandparent so I could go give them a hug and talk with them. I just think they are so cute!

  • I am the most UN-assertive, NON-confrontational person I have ever met. It is ridiculous. If I even attempt to approach someone I have a problem with I either chicken out and am nice to them or I get all shaky and my heart pounds louder than I can talk so I most likely will up in tears or backing down.

  • I haven't had the best relationship or any relationship with my real Dad, Benji, until about January of this year...and so far it is going pretty well.

  •  I like to crochet...and I get made fun of for it because I'm not "old" buuut I crocheted the baddest ass blanket for Shane's nephew so all the haters can suck it.

  • I am terrified of driving in the snow because the first time I ever did I totaled my car.

  • I hate folding laundry

  • I am an sympathetic's bad.

  • The only time I've ever had to get stiches is when I got my earring ripped out of my ear and they had to sew it back together

  • I am an avid believer of the book The Secret. 

  • I won't wear any shoes that show my toes unless my toenails are painted

  • I have self image issues and I am working on getting better at thinking positive about myself

  • I use men's deodorant it works better and honestly I think I smells better than the weird powdery smell in women's deodorant.
Here is my real dad and me.




  1. You are so cute! I remember when you totaled your car, that was scary!! We are very similar ya know? I am the same way with the shower. I hate when it's cold in the room so you have to stay in the stream of water, totally lame. I'm glad you And benji are Able to start building a relationship. I also love the secret! Jared is the same as you, he lives by it! He's one of the happiest, most positive people ever so he leads me by example! When he first found out you loved the book, before he'd met you, he said well obviously I'm going to get along with her great!!

    1. We ARE similar huh! :) I love you! haha I remember when Jared told me how much he loved the secret and I knew he was perfect for you after that :) haha he is a good guy ;)

  2. i use mens deodorant too!! old spice is my drug of choice.

    1. haha it works so much better!!! I love it. I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)

  3. LOL this is so CUTE, i love it all =)


  4. Just stumbled across your blog from Oh, Awkward and wanted to say I LOVE your name, so unique! I agree with you on so many of these things (coffee, old people, laundry, self image, my dad, The Secret) I feel like we could be friends!!

    xo Shane

    1. Ummm if you love The Secret then we already are friends!! :) I love having things in common! Coffee is just wonderful isn't it? I don't know how anyone can live without it!

  5. Love your blog! Would love it if you could check mine out and become a follower :)

  6. Just found your blog and am loving it! I totally agree with you on the blowdrying thing- I have short hair too, but I go to great lengths to avoid the eleven minutes spent blowing hot air on my hair. And i use men's deodorant too! It works better and it smells SO much better! I'm so excited to be following along!

    new follower :)

    1. YAY!! haha men's deodorant seriously is soo much better!! Thanks so much for commenting and following me!! You seriously made my day!! :)

  7. Apparently I need to read The Secret. (I'm on it.)

    1. Yes! You do! It is seriously greatest book! It's all about being positive and the way you think. :)


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