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Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Letters! Happy Friday!

Holy crap! How did Friday sneak up on me so fast?! Geez! I hope you guys love these Friday's Letters link ups as much as I do! Here are my letters!

Dear New TV
You are so amazing! Thank you for being so appealing to Shane that he decided to purchase you :) I love how smart you are with your Netflix and Internet capabilities!!

Dear Miss Susie The Trainer
I know you will never even know that I have a blog or that it is even something I do, buuuuut you were so dang hilarious to take my online training from! Thank you for making the whole process less painful and being so happy and comical! If when I am 50 I can use words like "Fo-Sho, OMG, Peeps, Dude, Coolio, etc." and make them sound as awesome as you do I think I will feel pretty accomplished. Haha you were freakin hilarious and although I will probably never meet you in real life I feel like we could be friends.

Dear Blog
I am so so sorry that I haven't been the best blog parent. I am going to be better and make more time for you! It's just that since I've been training these past three weeks I have not even had time to unpack my stuff! Not that I even want to unpack. Pure Crazyness! But hey....we are at 32 followers...keep up the good work my little bloggy.

Dear Weekend
You are the last weekend off I get in a long long loooong time. Lets make it worth it and go out with a bang eh?? I am so down if you are!

Dear Shane
Thank you for being so optimistic all of the time.  I like that we are starting to have fun little Sunday outings! That fun little cave last Sunday, hiking this Sunday...the options are endless! You have so many great opportunities coming your way it's not even funny! You are always so giving and sometimes too giving of yourself. I am proud of you for sticking to your ground and not giving in to people. Thank you for being so supportive and understanding with me. You make life easy. I love you.
This is an awesome picture Shane took and edited of the cave we went exploring through last weekend.

And last but not least....
Dear Swamp Cooler
Why do I love the smell of you?? Is that weird?




  1. hope you enjoy this last weekend for awhile ;)

    1. haha oh I am! :) I hope you have a great weekend too!!!

  2. Just found you- you're a cutie patootie!
    Eat Cake


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