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Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Ok to be Thankful on Thursday!

I have the day off today and I am taking this as an opportunity to get my blog on! I am linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup for "It's Ok" and with Then I Got to Thinking for "Thankful Thursday" I am excited for this little mashup mostly because they go so perfectly together! Well here it goes!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok....
To be too tired in the morning to want to do my hair...
To hate unpacking so much that my stuff is still in boxes...
That I am slowly but surely getting back into the gym routine...
To feel self conscious sometimes...
To be afraid of my little sister growing up and liking boys...
To want my man to get a better job that isn't stupid and dangerous...

I'm Thankful...
To have such a wonderful family...
That I have a wonderful man who is always here to take care of me and make me laugh...
For my wonderful job and the amazing people I get to work with everyday...
That the foreign guy next door didn't wake me up too early on my day off...
To have every Sunday off...every. Sunday.
That Hot Rod is playing on Comedy Central right now!
For nail polish...
For the coffee grinder my real dad found at the thrift store for coffee. ever.
That my family gets to see my apartment today!!!

I love this little one! I want her to stay little forever!

Who doesn't love this place? I mean come on...even Mormons love Starbucks!
Best. Movie. Ever.

There it is! My It's Ok to be Thankful on Thursday! If you haven't linked up to this you definitely should!



  1. I never do my hair in the mornings. maybe on Saturday. maybe.
    and I wonder what your mom does? I'm so nosey ... ;)

    1. haha seriously though! It's just a task for me! I envy the girls who can just make their hair look gorgeous in five minutes. Also, My mom works for an entertainment magazine in Salt Lake City haha she is wonderful. I think all women are nosey so its ok!

  2. I. LOVE. ANDY SANDBERG. Did we just become best friends? It's possible.

    1. Yes...Yes! I think we just did! Have you seen That's My Boy with Adam Sandler?? Hilarious.

  3. It is totally ok to not want to do your hair in the morning bc your tired! Embrace the mess. You should check out my blog it's all about that. I'm obsessed w Starbucks. It's an addiction.

    1. I am totally checking your blog out! I need help with my messy hair. Haha oh don't even get me started on my love for Starbucks. I wish we could go get some right this very second!


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