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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oh, The Joys of Growing Up...

Lately I've been thinking a lot about what I am doing with my life. The only conclusion I can really come to is that I don't want to grow up. It's really hard living up to peoples expectations, or even your own expectations at that. I have high expectations of myself which makes things hard. Sometimes I wish I would just be satisfied with what I am doing and where I am at now. Yet, somehow I always want more from myself. I don't understand when enough is enough and when I have given it all I can possibly give. That is how I end up waaay in over my head, stressed to the max, and wanting to quit everything at once.

 It is so hard to try and make everyone happy. I want to visit my family but I have work. I want to visit my grandparents but I haven't visited my family yet. I want to go on a mini vacation with my man but then I feel guilty because I haven't seen my grandparents or my family. I can't make everyone happy and it freaking kills me. So when do I stop trying to make everyone happy and focus on myself and what I want? If I just focus on myself does that make me heartless and selfish? What if everyone gets mad at me because I am focusing too much on me? I feel like even though its hard to try and make everyone happy, it's even harder not to put myself last.

So the question is how do I find a happy medium?? I haven't a clue. After this summer semester I am done with school...for now...which I feel will help. I can take some time to really figure out what I want to do for my career. Yes, I'm 22 with a bachelors degree in psychology and I decided right as I'm finishing up that I don't want to go into psychology. So I am going to take a year off to decide what I want to be when I grow up. This way I can focus more on me and figuring out what I want.

I have a great job, a wonderful boyfriend, amazing family, and a pretty dang good life, but when I get caught up in satisfying everyone else I forget to keep nourishing the wonderful things I have worked hard for in my own life. I need to find a healthy way to keep myself happy along with everyone else. Obviously not everyone is going to get exactly what they would like. I'm not going to be able to make everyone happy but at least I am focusing on the main thing I need to focus on right now. Me.

Call me selfish, self centered, naive or whatever. I feel like this is something I need to do and something that could really benefit me in the long run. I feel like this is a part of me that needs to grow up. I have put others first for too long and I think it is about time that I put me before them for a little while.



  1. This is not selfish at all! You have to be happy and content in order to be the best girlfriend/sister/friend/career woman you can. Life is only going to get busier, trust me. :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. haha that is what I hear! It only gets crazier as you get older! It is so hard for me to stay focused on my own happiness and not worry about what others are thinking or feeling. It's gonna take a lot of effort but I know it will be good for me!

  2. i like that quote, its a really good one. i always love finding stuff like that on Pinterest

    1. Oh my gosh I know right! I love all of the amazing quotes on pinterest! I have like a million that I want to print off and and hang around my house haha who needs pictures when you've got quotes?! :)

  3. Holy cow girl you just totally wrote down how i feel and what has been going on in my mind. I was suppose to go away to college and start trying to figure out who i am and what i want out of life but i decided to stay because my family really needed me to. Next year tho i hope to expand my arms and take a step out into the world. It's really important for us to do what we feel and need to do to find our selves even if it makes others not as happy sometimes but we honestly do need that time to find our selves and focus on what makes us who we are or who we hope to become :)

    p.s. sorry i wrote so much lol

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  5. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)


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