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Friday, April 27, 2012

Let's Get it Started!!!

HelloEveryone! I am a TERRIBLE blogger, I am aware of this. However, I just recentlypurchased a book that seemed to be fitting enough for me in this situation. Itis called Blogging For Dummies...and I am pretty sure I am just about as dumbas it gets when it comes to blogging! So it was love at first sight! (Plus Ineeded and excuse purchasing a book to read on my new kindle!) I look ateveryone else's blogs and they look so cute and fun! Then I look at mine...andneedless to say...I look like a bum on the street asking for a hand out, exceptunlike them I never get one.

So,here I am making a final attempt at this wonderful world of blogging. My reasonfor making this blog is to let people in on the life of Kjerstin. I live in asmall town that I am not very fond of, I have a wonderfully amazing man in mylife Shane Wood (we will get to him later), I love being active, and I am aHUGE believer in being positive! If you like living in a negative mindset thenhopefully this will help you become even just a little more positive in yourdaily life!

Ichose the name for my blog to be “The Way I Am”. Do any of you ever listen toIngrid Michaelson? If that is a big fat YES then we should be best friends! Ifit’s a no then you definitely need to! Her music is magical! Anyway, when Ifirst started hanging out with Shane, her music is ALL I listened to! You knowwhen you first start liking someone and you listen to all of the songs thatremind you of them over and over and over again?! Well I was sucked into thatcycle and I had a BAD case of Ingrid love songs. Her song The Way I Am isseriously the perfect song to describe Shane and me. He accepts and loves me througheven my worst of days and I never thought the kind of love he gives me was everpossible. He is my rock and I am so thankful to have him! He makes mecomfortable with The Way I am and that is the kind of support that gives me thecourage to put myself out there in ways like making a blog! J

Sorrythis is so long! Thanks for reading and hopefully there are even better poststo come!! If you have ANY ideas of what are good blogging topics PLEASE help asista out and give me some tips! 

Here is Ingrid...she is beautiful! :)
This is one of the first pics Shane and I took! We are being awesome riding his scooter!


  1. Hi Kjerst! =) I love this post. My main advice is to keep a notebook (maybe on your kindle?) that you can write down topics that you think about during the day - so when you think about blogging you always have something to write about. Find other bloggers, like through my page, and start commenting on ones you love. That will engulf you into the community of blogging, once you're in the community you'll be addicted to blogging for sure and it will be easier for you to post when you know people are reading! How's that for a long comment??
    Love you!

    1. Thanks for the tips love! I am probably going to be asking you lots of questions! haha and I LOVE your comment!

    2. Ask me all you want. Make a button this weekend and we will do your first swap! Then you'll be famous just like that!

  2. Just found your page and I'm quite sure blogging will be no problem for you! You're an adorable writer! :) Enjoy the evolution of your blog! Let me know when you get a button up and we can swap?!

    A Sigh and Sanity

    1. Thank you! :) haha as soon as I figure out what and how to add a button I am all sorts of down for swapping!! I LOVE your blog by the way!

  3. Hi Kjerstin! Just discovered you and Miki through twitter. Congrats on the blog! I just started one yesterday too! Maybe we can motivate each other!


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