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Friday, August 23, 2013

That One Time I Got Engaged and Never Blogged Again...

Oh heeeey...I'm married now. We also have a dog, my parents are getting a divorce, oh and Shane and I will hopefully be moving to California.

I guess you can say that A LOT has happened in 8 months. I have literally had the absolute most amazing and most stressful moments of my life since I have last blogged! Getting married is a lot of work and I don't think I had any idea how stressful it would be! I want to blog about everything now that it is all over with and I'm not a headcase anymore. I am going to try and start from after the engagement....

The news came at the beginning of the new year. I think we kind of expected it but none the less it was official. My parents were separating, and getting a divorce. Honestly it is for the best and they will both be so much happier. None the less, it doesn't make it any easier to swallow. It also makes it slightly difficult to plan the biggest day of your new marriage when your parents are going through the process of ending theirs. Buuut that's enough of that.

Our puppy is the most wonderful decision we have ever made! (Aside from getting married). Her name is Bugsley, she is a shihtzuh, and she is the cutest furbaby ever. We are in love with her. We got her Easter weekend and she is the best thing I have ever found. I'm not sure how great of trainers we are though because she is 6 months old and we are still struggling with the potty training thing. Any tips would be more than helpful!!
This was the first day we got her!

This was today! She has gotten so big!
The engagements were amazing! I felt like a model! We towed the bus up to Evanston, WY and Park City, UT. We had the most phenomenal photographer alive. SK Photography is a magic maker! Sarrah is the most wonderful person to work with and her editing is unreal. Shane and I had a blast doing all of the photos together. Not to mention we had 3 outfit changes and at one shoot we were up at 6am to get the "good light". Totally worth it. Here are a few of our engagements:

The Wedding was a dream come true! But it obviously deserves it's own post!! So when I get the photos back from our photographer I will blog away about the whole thing!!   


  1. Once again, congratulations! I love your engagement photos - you guys are amazing! :)

  2. You're engagements are absolutely dreamy! Also, I once heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest and most rewarding year of your life. Go figure. We're in the same boat! How long were you engaged for?

  3. Awwww your engagement photos are so freaking good!!!!


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