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Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh...It is Love.

Exactly one week ago today, my big grown up brother got married. 
I know. 
However, lucky for him, he married the most wonderful bride anyone could ask for. 
Her name is Ashley.
Why is she so wonderful?? Well my brother is a huge sports fan.
More like a sports fanatic. 
So, Ashley is wonderful because she knew this dating him and...well...she still loves him!
Haha also she fits perfectly into our family.
Their wedding was so beautiful! I didn't get many pictures because I wanted to enjoy this wonderful moment in his life and not worry about trying to capture a bunch of "Kodak" moments.
I thought I would for sure get all emotional when Ash got into her dress and was finishing up getting ready for the big moment. However, to my surprise I didn't get too teary eyed and all choked up. I thought to myself, "Kjerstin, maybe you are more tough than you thought! Maybe you are going to get through this wedding without a tear!" Then for some reason I had a great idea to go see my big bro in the grooms room. (yeaaaa....about that not crying part) The minute I saw Braxt and gave him a hug the tears started rushing, my throat got tight, and I literally had to run out of his room so I didn't start bawling!
My brother and I have been through a lot together and no matter what we have always had each other to turn to. He was always there for me even when I was scared of the dark, being harassed by boys at school, headed down a path that was going to get me grounded, and especially if I ever needed advice. He was my first best friend.

It's crazy how we grow up so fast. I am so happy for him and his beautiful bride! I am excited for our family to grow and to have my very first sister in law! I love them both so much and I can honestly say I wish them the absolute very best in their long wonderful marriage. 


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  1. This is so sweet! I always wanted a big brother! Looks like a fun wedding!! Now it's your turn...cough, cough, SHANE!!! ;)


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