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Friday, August 10, 2012

Family Fun Time!

There are two types of people I consider my family at this point in my life. The first is obviously my blood related family, and the second is Shane's family. They are both absolutely wonderful families and I can't wait until I am officially a part of Shane's family one day!

Earlier this summer Shane and I had planned on going to California in August like we did last year. It was soooo much fun last year and we spent way too much money. Which is why we decided to maybe cancel our California plans and go visit our families up north. Best. Idea. Ever. Let me break it down for you...we decided to drive up to Wyoming to stay with Shane's sister and her wonderful husband and kids and then drive down to stay with my family!
Last Year in California

Staying with Sarrah and her family was seriously so much fun! Something you need to know about Shane's family is that they are all so easy going and hilarious. The only down side was that her adorable girls weren't there. But on the upside her equally adorable little boys were there. We all went to the outlets in Park City and shopped till we dropped! Literally. Then as if that wasn't enough we decided it would be a good idea to go to Ogden to go shopping at the best store in the world TJMAXX. We stayed in a historic hotel that was supposedly ghost stories though. I can't even tell you how fun it was to hang out with Sarrah and Justin. I seriously love being around them and their cute little family. 
After our shopping day in Park City!
Shane reading the Olympics in our haunted hotel room
Shane's cute nephew Ledger trying to hide from me

We made our way down to my parents house and ended off the week celebrating my beautiful Mama's birthday and boating our little hearts out for the first time this summer. Not to mention we got to hang out with my wonderful little sister Kjandyce, my big brother Braxton and his fiance Ashley. They are getting married in Septemeber! But that is another story for another day! It was so nice to finally get out on the boat with my family! Shane talked Kjand into trying to wakesurf and she agreed to try! She got up and loved it! I think my parents loved that weekend the most seeing all of us kids together having a good time. 

The Girls out on the boat! My mom is on the left and my little sister is on the right!
Kjand on the Wakesurf! She is so dang cute!
Needless to say, Shane and I had a wonderful time with our families. There are not too many things in life that are more important than family. I love love love my family more than most things. This was definitely the best alternative to California.

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  1. That´s lovely. Sounds like a great trip! And I love this last pic of yours ;)


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